Art of Homeschooling Boys


Art of homeschooling boys


Nobody can deny the fact that homeschooling girls are easier than the boys! This is because the girls and boys are wired differently. Studies show that the development of the boy’s brain is different from that of girl’s even before they are born. In fact, boys have more of testosterone that shapes the brain development. Therefore, naturally boys are more active that is they love jumping, running and climbing. Also, they are more curious and have an investigating and exploring streak. Though, parents might find this nature quite difficult to deal if they are planning to homeschool boys, but the fact is this nature can be used to your advantage. You just need to know the art of homeschooling boys. Here are few things that you can try:

  1. Let them build: You might feel Lego toys are useless and just add to the mess in the home, but on the contrary it is a perfect learning tool for boys. Use Lego for teaching kid’s math, engineering, history, science and creative play. Use Lego toys for contrast and compare exercises, pattern recognition, identifying numerals and sorting and classifying. You can buy the best Lego sets online at discounted prices thanks to discount promos that you can find at Frugaa. Apart from these, building blocks can also help the boys learn perseverance, patience, responsibility and concentration.
  2. Let them explore: Boys naturally have a well developed sense of wonder so it is important to look out for activities that foster the natural sense of wonder. This will also enhance their imagination skills. Think of the lessons or activities that can be done in the yard during the afternoon or nature trail. Do you know, kitchen is also an important place where you can make the boys have hands-on-learning with math and science.
  3. Let them move: It is not possible for small boys to sit still for long hours. They need free play to reduce stress and increase concentration levels. Studies prove that, more active children do better in school. So, make him jump, run or swing outside at regular intervals. You can even include question and answer ball throw. It is a game where you throw the ball while answering questions of history, geography and mathematics. This will make learning fun.

As the mom of homeschooling boy, you must remember that it is important to keep it simple and short. This will withhold the attention of the boys for longer duration as the lessons are short and fresh.






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