Ice Cream Cookie Cups! Perfect Summer Treat!

Ice Cream Cookie Cups! Perfect Summer Treat!


 We have been having record breaking heat here in Colorado. I know to some of you it is not hot but to us it’s killer! We have been hitting 102 degree’s already and it’s only June!
With summer heat comes the kids constantly begging for ice cream, popsicles and anything they can get their hands on that is COLD. Recently it was too hot outside for them to play so we decided to turn our love for ice cream up a notch and make these super easy cookie cups.

Aside from the ice cream I think that the kids have been living in the water this summer. My daughter has spent every single day for the past two weeks in the kiddie pool or running through the sprinklers. I’m glad that she is getting off the couch and getting outside. It is wonderful to hear the laughter of the neighborhood children as they all splash and play outside together.

How have your and/or your kids been keeping cool this summer? As for me I have been trying to hike up in the mountains as much as possible. It is always so much cooler up there…some spots still even have some snow so it’s really wonderful. I am truly blessed to live in Colorado. It’s such a beautiful state.



1 tube, 16 ounces, refrigerated cookie dough
1 quart rainbow ice cream, or ice cream of your choice
whipped topping
teaspoon scoop will be very helpful



Preheat oven to 350. Grease a mini muffin pan.
Straight from the refrigerator, slice your cookie roll into 16 rounds. Slice each round in half and form into a ball with the palms of your hands.
Place each ball into prepared pan and use a tart shaper coated in flour to press each cookie into the pan. Bake for 9-11 minutes or until golden brown and centers are no longer shiny.

Your cookies will probably puff up and look like the center you worked so hard top push down is disappearing, but don’t worry, as the cookies cool, the centers will flatten back down.

To remove from pan, let them cool for about 10-15 minutes and twist the cookies out of the pan. Don’t try to lift them, they will probably break off.

When completely cool, scoop ice cream into each cup. Top with whipped topping and freeze until ready to use or serve immediately.
Makes 18-20 cookies.


  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Those look good!

  2. This is such a cute idea! Two treats in one! I love the whole idea of doing this with the kids. They could have such fun scooping up the ice cream and then enjoying it.

  3. This is the cutest idea! I’ll be making it for my next summer party.

  4. Oh my goodness, now these are just adorable. So much cleaner than giving kids an ice cream cone… Super-smart. These would be perfect for my Little’s birthday parties. Thanks for sharing

  5. These Ice Cream Cookie Cups are super cute. What a fun treat to have after playing outside in the summer.

  6. You had me at ice cream. I love how colorful yours is… what a delicious-looking treat!

  7. Clearly I’m a kid at heart because I want to dive into those right NOW! Yum. Drooling!

  8. What a delightful recipe! Perfect for hot summer days and I’m here to tell you… my granddaughter will LOVE making this ice cream treat recipe!

  9. These look delicious and perfect for these hot summer days!

  10. Those are so adorable, they look yummy. Such a great idea. I think I will make some with my daughter and grandson this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is such a great idea. I need to make these with my girls. I love how simple they’re to make as well.

  12. Super super cute!! Perfect afternoon treat activity of the kids for sure.

  13. These are perfect for a summer bbq and get together! I love the color of the ice cream perfect for summer time.

  14. These look delicious. They are so colorful and my kids would love them!

  15. What a perfect little sweet treat for summer time. I will have to try to make these sometime, they are just adorable!

  16. I need that tart shaper tool! These look delicious and my kids would love them

  17. Those are super cute! It is a great idea for a party.

  18. Another great way to eat ice cream. The kids will definitely love this, yummy! Thanks, Krista. 🙂

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