Orange Cream Jell-O My Game day food AND Jell-O University Molds! #TeamJellO #shop #cbias

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Orange Cream Jell-O Game day food AND Jell-O University Molds!


If you are an avid reader of my blog then you know that I am a huge football fan! As you probably know I am always trying to post about my favorite game day food! I love football season! I am always hosting parties for pro and college football games. This year I am #TeamJellO because of all their amazing Jell-O  University molds!


Recently I was able to host a party thanks to   #CollectiveBias in celebration of the Florida Gators! This was a pre-football party to celebrate the kick off of their season! They play their first game August 30!! I can’t wait!

Ok so some of you might be wondering why I chose Florida Gators when I live in Colorado. Well that is because my step dad is from Florida. Also because my Mom and step dad had my 8 year old little brother together. My brother is a football fan just like me. He has watched the Florida Gators with his dad since he was a young child. It is so fun to see him during the games. He is a great little boy and very passionate about his team! He is the main reason I love to have Florida Gator’s parties at my house!

Anyway for the party I decided to include lots of great items that were in the Orange and Blue Gators colors. This included Blue and Orange Jell-O. Especially because I seen these amazing Jell-O molds on You can actually purchase Jell-O Molds in the shape of your favorite university teams mascot or logo! Can you believe it!! I am so thrilled!


You Can Find All Your Favorite Teams on!

For the party I opted for Orange Cream Jell-O topped with some whipped cream and a Blue Gator! These were a huge hit at my party! Not only because they tasted amazing….but because everyone loved the Gator at the top of each slice! I even had some party guests try to snag my awesome Jell-O molds before they left! Good thing I was watching . 😉 They will have to visit and get their own! PS If you want to get your own…there is also a $0.75 off coupon at!


Orange Cream Jell-O Ingredients:

1 – 6oz package Orange Jell-O

4-5oz Whipped Cream

9×12 cake pan

canned whipped topping (for decoration)


Orange Cream Jell-O Recipe:

1. Prepare Orange Jell-O following Speed-Set method. But, as soon as it begins to thicken you will want to remove ice and add 4-5oz whipped cream. Stir until fully mixed.

2. Pour into 9×12 cake pan and refrigerate until firm (about 60 min.)

3. The whipped cream will automatically float to the top and harden up there giving your Jell-O a nice two tone Jell-O cake!


To Decorate Orange Cream Jell-O Cake:

Cut into squares and plate.

After each square is plated you will want to top each slice with some whipped topping out of the can and one Jell-O Gator!


JellO collageDONE

Hint: – Make sure you follow the Jell-O Jiggler instructions on the box to make the Gators! Don’t forget to grease the Gator molds before you put the Jell-O into the molds. This will help them slide out easily without ruining the Gator’s form! And/Or you can also run a toothpick along the sides of each Gator to get them to pop out when they are firm! Enjoy!



What is your favorite University team? Do they play my Gators this year?? 


  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a great recipe. I’ll be trying this one out on my grandchildren.

  2. there is something weird about blue jello 🙂

  3. (Orange Cream Jell-O My Game day food AND Jell-O University Molds!) These look like so much fun! I am going to make them for my family soon-

  4. mary gallardo says:

    I just saw your post on facebook about these. I am going to try them!!

  5. What a neat idea.. Blue Jello! Well our town team is Orange so that would definitely work… Although I’d have to do Red & White… Nebraska Corn Huskers here 🙂

  6. This is a fun idea! I really want to do the cream and Jell-O, because I had no idea it creates the layers on its own! P.S. I’m a Mizzou fan and we will play the Gators in Oct 🙂 #client

  7. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I love how colorful these are. I bet everyone had blue tongues by the end! I need to get some molds so I can make these.

  8. Dorothy Teel says:

    Saw these molds at our Walmart here and they were for the Oklahoma Sooners, and they would look great made in cherry or strawberry Jello, we won yesterday and everyone is on a high…lol

  9. Those are SO cool. I need a UK mold like that and make some cool party food. Your cake looks delicious!

  10. What a cool idea. I absolutely loves these molds. Now they need to make NFL molds, and we’ll be covered.

  11. That look so tasty, and I love the gator molds! I need to do this for UGA!

  12. How cool is this! Love the idea for a football party! I’m going to have to show the hubby.

  13. These molds are so neat! I bet they would make a great addition to a tailgating party!

  14. This recipe is so great. I know I will have to do this for the kids soon.

  15. This is really unique! I bet my nieces would really love it. I will have to give it a try when they stay over next.

  16. Thank you for the tips… I tried making jello jigglers in the mold before and they stuck… never thought about greasing the molds.

  17. That’s AWESOME! If I could get this in the Bears logo, that would be sweet!

  18. Totally almost bought the Aggie ones the other day! Can’t go wrong with Jigglers that are marron and white.

  19. LOVE these! What a cute idea, they turned out great, what a fun topping!

  20. I am from Michigan I think one of our teams may play the gators. Those jello gators are the coolest.

  21. These are soo neat! What a cute idea!

  22. Wow love the mold. That’s so neat, I didn’t notice it at first. But honestly I think they should have been green I love green jello.

  23. I could be happy eating that! I like anything orange cream, so I was sold from the jump

  24. It’s a really fun way to top that! You could mix and match for all kinds of different teams and themes!

  25. We made this! Well, not the toppers, which are way cute but the orange cream part! So yummy!

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