Monroe And Main Mother’s Day Review & $108 Package Giveaway! #MMBloggerSpotlight

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Monroe And Main Mother’s Day Review & $108 Package Giveaway! Ends 5/04/14!  #MMBloggerSpotlight


Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year I wanted to make sure that I did something special for my Mom. My Mom is always complaining to me that we don’t get enough pictures together and so I thought that this year it would be really fun to get all dressed up and take some nice pictures together. Thanks to Monroe And Main my Mom and I were able to get some really beautiful dresses and take some photo’s together. We even decided to add my daughter to the pictures to get some nice 3 generation shots!

For these pictures I chose the Monroe And Main Paisley Flutter Dress and my Mom chose the Hand-Crocheted Jacket & Dress. We both could not wait for the dresses to arrive. I knew from my past purchases with Monroe And Main that the dress would fit like a glove. Their measuring chart has always been right on the ball and I know that each time I order from them my clothing will fit perfectly.





Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight

My Thoughts –

I love the bold patterns and colors in the bottom half of this dress. I also love the cut. It is super cute and can be worn in a variety of ways. I have always flocked to dresses that are black but I have been hoping to find something that would also have a spring/summer feel to it. That is exactly what I got with this stunning Monroe And Main Paisley Flutter Dress.

Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight

My Mom’s Thoughts –

I have never owned anything from Monroe And Main before but once I seen the Hand-Crocheted Jacket & Dress I knew that I had to have it. I love the lace effect of the dress and the quality is amazing. I like that I can wear the dress with or with out the jacket. I also found the dress to be very comfortable and it is something I could wear all day long without any issues. I was unsure about the lace and was hoping it would not be itchy! It’s not!


Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight


Monroe And Main is a company that I know and trust. I know that whatever I order from them is going the be the best quality. If you are on the lookout for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mom this year then I recommend you check into Monroe And Main. They have so much to offer and I am sure you will be able to find lots of items your Mom would love!

Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight




Monroe And Main #MMBloggerSpotlight


How would you like to win an amazing Monroe And Main prize package in celebration of Mother’s Day? I am happy to say that one lucky U.S. reader will be able to do just that! Good Luck!


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  1. Hey, we match!! My mom and I chose the same exact dresses that you and your mom did, color and all xD That just means we all have excellent tastes!

    I never thought to make the photo shoot a Mother’s Day gift but that was a fantastic idea! My mom and I rarely get any photos together (she’s not a fan of pictures and I’m usually doing the picture taking) so it was nice to get dolled up and just have fun 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the Draped Waist Dress! I am in love with the handkerchief skirt on it!

  3. I love the tropical sundress! I think it would be great for vacation.

  4. nicole dz says:

    My favorite dress is the Strapless Bead Maxi cause I love the beaded waistline. It’s really pretty!

  5. I like the Beaded Sheath Dress because it is professional enough for work and church

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I like the New Crochet BackSundress. I could wear it for many occasions this spring and summer.

  7. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I love the ombre dress because the pattern is gorgeous!

  8. Whoa, they have a lot of pretty dresses!! I like a lot of them, I really like the floral tiered gown.

  9. I love the Blue Tropics Maxi Dress because it looks like something I’d wear to go on a cruise!

  10. My favorite dress from Monroe and Main is the Nicoletta Satin and Chiffon Layer Gown! I love the layers and the, ’flattering surplus bodice, with sparkle sequin and bead detail’. Perfect for ‘formal’ nights and jacket required restaurants. Pretty style and details all-around!!!

  11. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I like the Rainforest Flutter Hem Dress because I like the green print.

  12. i love the bubble wrap dress, it looks so fun & flirty without being over the top, thanks

  13. The Border Dot Dress is so cute! Next time I go on a cruise I may buy it!

  14. I like the design of the Triple Threat Dress.

  15. Helen May says:

    I like the crochet backed sundress. It’s looks comfortable and cute!

  16. Addie F. says:

    I love the Circle of Life Dress!! I think all of the patterns go really well together and I think the lines would make it flattering for any body type.

  17. Alisha sienkiel says:

    I really like Crochet Back Sundress because the back is gorgeous and I think it would look very flattering

  18. Happi Shopr says:

    I love the Watercolor dress – it’s bright and has a lovely cut

  19. I love the Tropical Sundress – so colorful and pretty

  20. I like the hi-low animal dress because it looks flowy and comfortable.

  21. I love the Ciao Bella Crochet Dress because I think it is really pretty and comfortable looking.

  22. I absolutely adore the Strapless Maxi! It looks so comfortable, the colors are very vibrant, and the style is most definitely flattering 🙂

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  23. I love those dresses! And those photos are just beautiful! <3

  24. Great oppurtunity! love your family

  25. Misty Battle says:

    How beautiful. I adore Maxi dresses. I love all the photos.

  26. I love that paisley dress it’s mom-ish but not too lame

  27. I love how these dresses look on you ! They are very flattering and I love the dress you chose. My mom would love the crochet dress, but she would want a bold color (teal and purple are her thing)

  28. That Toile Tote is so cute!

  29. What a great contest…and I love the shots of your family!

  30. What a sweet way to celebrate Mother’s Day.
    I live 3 1/2 hours away from my mom so we don’t see each other as I would like.
    And when we see each other she’s behind the camera taking pictures of me or my kids!

  31. These are really lovely! I love the pattern on your dress! Pictures are such a great idea!

  32. Those dresses are really pretty and all three of you look lovely!

  33. I love your dress! And your family pictures turned out great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I like the Cutwork Maxi Dress, because I like the way it flows. I love the color and its just perfect for spring and summer.

  35. Beautiful dresses! I especially love the Paisley Flutter one.

  36. beautiful photos. and memories preserved. my mom’s gone almost 5 years now so we won’t ever have pics of us with my girls

  37. Great pictures! You all look very stylish in your dresses. 🙂

  38. I absolutely love that Paisley Flutter Dress! You look amazing in it! You’re family looks beautiful by the way!

  39. Beautiful dresses. Love the pictures.

  40. I like the Bandit dress because it looks so flattering and comfortable.

  41. Those are amazing dresses, on all of you. They look great on their own and together. Beautiful family in beautiful dresses

  42. That crocheted lace outfit is just my style.

  43. Oh wow, what gorgeous clothes! I need to check them out! These photos are so pretty, they came out wonderful 😉 What a great way to celebrate mom & family!

  44. Love generational pictures like that. Great color! I love black and the dresses are perfect for each of you.

  45. I love the dresses you picked out! You all look great.

  46. These dresses are so pretty! What a great giveaway!

  47. Beautiful pictures and great dresses! What a great giveaway!

  48. Everyone looks so lovely, and it’s really sweet how they coordinate. Super cute outfits.

  49. Too many beautiful dresses to chose from- you all look great!

  50. Such beautiful photos! I love the dresses, I’m heading over now to peek around… I need a couple of new dresses!

  51. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  52. What beautiful dresses. I love the pop of color in the bottom of yours

  53. My favorite dress is the Sheer Attitude Dress. It’s perfect for summer here

  54. I love the Royal Rose Maxi Dress…it’s breezy & beautiful and reminds me that I can’t wait for vacation

  55. Breanne says:

    I like the colors of the Color Me Pretty Dress

  56. Hesper Fry says:

    I like the Zebra Print Slit Sleeve Dress. It’s very stylish and modern!

  57. Tara Woods says:

    My favorite dress is the Hawaiian Sunset Maxi Dress. I love how the fabric flows and the vibrant Spring colors.

  58. Vikki Billings says:

    I really love the Acid Wash Tank Dress because it looks airy and very comfortable.

  59. Sky Evans says:

    I love the style and color of the Lavender Beaded Dress.

  60. cheryl s says:

    I like the high seas maxi dress – perfect for a day out on the water

  61. Tisha Avsec says:

    I am a Mom with 6 sons and 1 fabulous daughter!!!!!!! I love these looks!!!

  62. Linda Kish says:

    I like the Acid Wash Tank Dress. It looks like something I wore in my younger years.

  63. Jennifer Reed says:

    My favorite dress from Monroe and Main is the New Border Dot Dress. I love the soft red color and pattern.

  64. Lisa L says:

    The Grecian Maxi Dress is my fave. I love how you can dress it down with flip flops or up with heels. Very nice!

  65. Teresa Thompson says:

    I like the Color Me Pretty Dress. I love the colors.

  66. I like the Waffle Trapeze dress, it looks comfy and would make a nice beach dress

  67. Veronica V says:

    I like the hi-lo back dress because it’s perfect for the summer and the blue is so pretty.

  68. I like the Print Dress because it’s colorful.

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