TwirlyGirl Tankful Dress Review!

 TwirlyGirl Tankful Dress

With the invention of internet who would have thought that the internet would give  mothers the opportunity to purchase their daughters adorable girls party dresses? I am addicted to dressing my daughter in cute clothing. Especially when that clothing is a stunning, twirl worthy dresses! You know the ones…the styles and fabrics that you know no one else will have….except for your child. Those frilly, twirly outfits that you wish you could have had as a child. My daughter can’t get enough of dresses like these and neither can I!


Recently I was sent an adorable TwirlyGirl Truly Tankful girl party dress for the purpose of this review. I was excited for the dress to arrive as I had investigated the TwirlyGirl website before agreeing to this review. Their party dresses for girls are stunning. The TwirlyGirl website is filled with vibrant colors and bold patterns. I also fell in love with the large array of dresses to choose from.

When my daughters Tankful dress arrived she was excited to see all the different colors within the fabrics of the dress. With that being said she has been able to pair the TwirlyGirl Tankful dress with a variety of different colored accessories. For example she has worn this dress with pink, blue, purple and white leggings. Each time she has worn the dress she has also been able to add other fun accessories like jewelry, hats and shawls with her beautiful dress to add a different pops of color each time she wears it.


If you asked my daughter she would tel l you that her favorite feature on the dress is the shiny shimmery front. The dress changes colors in the light and is filled with lots of little sparkles. The quality is outstanding and I love the way it makes my daughter feel when she wears it.

As a mother with a daughter I know that every girl feels special when she can twirl. There is something about the swish of the skirt around you as you are spinning and spinning. I used to love to spin in the mirror repeatedly…that is exactly what your little girl will do in her girls party dress.




Girls party dresses are not the only fun things you will find at TwirlyGirl. When you look through their easy to use site you will also find skirts, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Plus your little girl will even be able to style and design their own dress! Each custom design will be reversible and your child will be able to choose up to four different fabrics. TwirlyGirl dresses can be found from size 2T-12

Looking for more ways you can incorporate TwirlyGirl into you life? Sign up today and you can start raising money for your childs school with the TwirlyGirl fundraiser program! To learn more about their adorable styles and fundraising program visit TwirlyGirl today!


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  1. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    this dress is adorable, i love that it can give a lil girl a feel of what we as mothers felt like when we were twirling infront of our mirrors. This is a great dress

  2. Michele P says:

    your daughter is so pretty! I think these are super cute dresses, my daughter is into women’s sizing now, but my husband has 3 granddaughters who love all things girly so I’ll have to check them out!

  3. Sally Guenterberg says:

    so glad to see someone else like to get unique things for their kids. a cute dress above

  4. cute dress for girls!

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That dress is adorable. Do they make it in adult sizes LOL? I love it.

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    I love Twirly Girl, especially their skirts. The colors and prints are so fun, I’m jealous I can’t wear them!

  7. That dress is adorable, and the model, too 🙂 They have such unique things for girls!

  8. I love this dress! The shimmer on the front is perfect and the pattern on the back is very unique!

  9. That is adorable. The mixture of print/shimmer is so cute!

  10. How adorable. The dress is super cute too. I wouldn’t have suspected it would have the shimmer on one side and the print on the other. Very unique!

  11. The shimmery front is my favorite part of this dress – so pretty with all the colors!

  12. Awe, that is so cute, looks like a dress my girls would go crazy over! I need to check out their other stuff too!

  13. What a beautiful little dress! So cute–I know my little ones would love it, too!

  14. Your daughter is adorable! I love that tank dress. The print is so cute!

  15. WOW!! I love the idea of being able to choose your own fabrics to have a dress made! SUPER CUTE. Your daughter is so pretty 🙂

  16. That’s so cute. My daughter loves the colors and would love this.

  17. What a fun dress… I just love how super-shiny it is. Your daughter is just beautiful by the way 🙂

  18. That dress is so cute. My girls would love it.

  19. That’s such a sparkly fun outfit for a little girl. She looks so cute!

  20. What a cute little diva you have! Love that purple color!

  21. oh man, my girls are so into dresses and this one is fabulous!

  22. Such a pretty dress for a pretty girl. Great photos!

  23. What a precious dress!! My nieces would love it 🙂

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    That is such a cute dress and your daughter looks fantastic! I love looking at fashion in the internet. I get so many ideas.

  25. Adorable outfit. Great coupon code. Off to look around a bit.

  26. What a cute dress! My daughter would love this look!

  27. Ohh she is adorable.. and the dress look stunning on her… love the colors, I bet my princess would love it, too. Thanks for sharing, will have to check it out and maybe get it for my daughter for her Birthday.

  28. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My daughter has a dress from them, and she loves it! I love their stretchy material!

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