How to Make a Pair of Rabbit Shoes for Your Kid!


How to Make a Pair of Rabbit Shoes for Your Kid?

It¡¯s easy to find a pair of comfortable shoes for your child. But since it isn’t difficult to make them personally, why not take a try? Comparing with purchasing one pair, a pair of DIY shoes must be much more meaningful. Below, you will be introduced with a tutorial, which helps you make rabbit shoes for your kid. Believe it or not, it¡¯s funny :D!


Step 1: draw the pattern you want to make on a piece of paper. According to the drawn style, cut them off from the cloth. Here, I used pure cotton. Certainly, you can choose another one as long as it¡¯s supple and warm enough. Here, the side, bottom, interior lining and laces of the shoes need to be cut.


Step 2: fold the side parts of the shoes. Along the red line, sew up their back sides. Here, a margin of 0.5cm should be left.


Step 3: fix the side and bottom by pins. Remember to make the middle points symmetrical. In this case, a rough look of the shoes can be seen.


Step 4: sew up the side and bottom. Likewise, a margin of 0.5cm is maintained.


Step 5: after being sewn up, the bottom of the shoes looks like this.


Step 6: when the side and bottom are sewn up, the interior side of the shoes looks like this.


Step 7: make the outer side of the shoes in the same way. Here, there is no size difference between the interior and outer side of the shoes.


Step 8: the interior lining, which has been cut in the step 1, will be used here. Place it at the middle place of the shoes bottom. Keep in mind that the cotton lining should be a little smaller than the shoes bottom.


Step 9: as the picture implies, put the interior and outer side of the shoes together like this. The cotton lining is placed between them.


Step 10: sew up the side of shoes bottom.


Step 11: do as this picture suggests please. After sewing up the side of the shoes, cut some small slots around the side. Don¡¯t cut the threads. Then, turn off the shoes.


Step 12: when the shoes are turned off, they look like this.


Step 13: clear up both the interior and outer side of the shoes.


Step 14: fold the outer side of the shoes inwards about 0.5cm.


Step 15: sew up the side A and side B.


Step 16: sew up another gap about 1cm, which will be used to hold the elastic band.


Step 17: insert the elastic band from the place A to B.


Step 18: tighten up the elastic band and sew them at both A and B places.


Step 19: referring to the left part without elastic band (red line from A to B), fold the cloth inwards about 0.5cm and sew it up.


Step 20: sew the bowknot at the back side of the shoes.


Step 21: it¡¯s time to make the rabbit head. Likewise, draw the original look of its head on a piece of paper.


Step 22: cut it off from the paper. To avoid any cut mistake, I sew the paper on the cloth before doing any cutwork. So, the drawn pattern can be cut to be an ideal shape in this case.


Step 23: cut it off from the cloth.


Step 24: cut a small cut about 1.5cm at the back side of the head.


Step 25: turn off the head at the cut place.


Step 26: clear up the front side of the head.


Step 27: fill in cotton and bells from the cut hole on the head. In this case, the shoes will make a sound when your kid moves.


Step 28: sew up the eyes and other expressions on the face. Here, it totally depends on you. Just remember to draw the original look on paper first of all. Color of threads can be chosen freely.


Step 29: sew up the back side of the head now.


Step 30: sew the pink flowers on the shoes as ears.


Step 31: sew the finished rabbit head onto the shoes.


Step 32: make another one in the same way. So, the rabbit shoes for your kid have been finished.

Author bio: Katherine is found of kids¡¯ costumes ideas. On her blog, you can find more tutorials about many other DIY items. Pay her a visit now?


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