Tips for Selecting Prepaid Debit Card!

Tips for Selecting Prepaid Debit Card!


There are many different kinds of debit cards. Choosing the best prepaid debit cards takes knowing what you really need. The following are some things to look for and pay attention to when you are selecting a prepaid debit card.

The first thing to look at is the associated brand. Most prepaid debit cards have a brand attached: Visa and Mastercard are the most common. These are usually safe bets if you are looking for a prepaid debit. Other brands do exist, however. Some of these are only usable at given stores and chains. Others only work in certain countries. If you are buying your card for use while traveling you will want to make sure the issuing company is accepted there. If you would like to be able to withdraw cash from the card you’ll need to make sure it is ATM compatible. Knowing these details up front is critical.

Following that you will want to look at the fees associated with the card. Some cards have fees. Some do not. Those that do often include some kind of protection or guarantee associated with them. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for if there is a fee attached. Make sure there are no surprise fees in the fine print if a card is labeled as “free.”

Choosing the right debit card doesn’t have to be a mystifying experience. Whether you’re getting one for travel or to help your kids learn to manage their money, understanding what sets debit cards apart will make the process much easier.


  1. MeryeBeth Albert says:

    You’ve given some very good advice and a lot to think about before choosing a prepaid credit card. Thank you very much.

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