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24 Hour Fitness

How are you doing with your New Years Resolution? Still on the right track? I know that going to the gym has been the mosts amazing experience for me. I am losing weight and more importantly I feel great. If you have fitness as your resolution this year they why not print the FREE 7 day 24 Hour Fitness pass! This pass will be good for any 24 Hour Fitness! Have fun!

My Gym Experience –

In August 2012 I decided I had had enough with my weight. I was DONE! I knew that I had already tried for years to lose the weight on my own. I had tried diets were the food was sent to my house and still lost nothing. I did not know what was going on but I was not going to let it get me down any longer.

The biggest thing that had always held me back from a gym was “seeing the skinny people” and “knowing they were watching me”. It was intimidating so I decided that I needed to try out a week pass and see how I felt.

I was amazed at how comfortable I felt. As I did the tour with one of the gym employees I learned that they not only had a main workout floor at my gym but also a back room for just women. He told me that it was most usually empty and if I used it I would be one of the only ones. That really put me at ease knowing it was there and Boy do I use that room a lot!

Ever since August I have went to the gym as often as I can. I have never felt that uncomfortable feeling that I thought I would feel. I am currently down a significant amount of weight and I know that I am not going back to the weight I was in 2012.

If you have weight to lose I suggest you try out a free pass to a gym. You might like it more then you think and besides this is your life and it’s up to you to make the changes and live to your fullest!


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