I #RememberWhen my daughter spent her first Christmas in the hospital, memories I will never take for granted

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~ I #RememberWhen my daughter spent her first Christmas in the hospital, memories I will never take for granted~

My daughter will be celebrating her 10th birthday in a few days. Ten years that doctors said I might never have with my baby girl. Ten years have gone by quickly but it seems like yesterday that we were praying for her to live. Begging her to keep fighting in the NICU and to stay with us.




During that time I was in a fog but what I am thankful of is that we were able to capture some pictures and a few videos. Our family wasn’t allowed in the NICU to see our baby girl because of the winter season and the risk of germs and sickness that could spread. All they had were the picture and the video clips I recorded. They were not allowed to see her for her first Thanksgiving or for her first Christmas.  I am thankful I got the videos and pictures to show them and now especially because here we are, 10 years later and my daughter wants to see those memories. She wants to see herself as a tiny premature infant fighting for her life, hooked up to too many tubes and wires to count. She wants to see how I #RememberWhen she spent her first Christmas in the NICU.


First Family Christmas Photo in the hospital –



The memories remind us of what a fighter she was and that she has come so far in life. It’s priceless to preserve memories for not only yourself but for family members and also for the generations to come.


Now is the time to start preserving your own family memories and what an amazing surprise it would be to put a DVD under the Christmas tree for your loved one that has memories that haven’t been seen before or years ago.




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  1. What a great idea for a Christmas present. I have thousands of pictures that I know the grandparents would love to have!

  2. Oh she was so very tiny. She looks precious in her little Christmas dress. What a wonderful way to save those memories for you, her and her children someday.

  3. I just used YesVideo to make a digital file of my wedding video. It’s such a great service. Thanks for sharing. This post really tugged on my heart. Happy 10th birthday to your baby girl!

  4. Great idea to preserve this for your daughter and remind everyone how precious LIFE is. Such A great service.

  5. We did this for my grandparents a few years back, everyone gathered for the holiday loved watching the trip down memory lane. And my grandmother? Well she was in tears from happiness- it’s a great, personal, gift!

  6. What a precious idea to collect memories! I need to do this for my kids!

  7. Sweet idea

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