Cleaning Carpets in An Eco-Friendly Way One Stain At A Time

~Cleaning Carpets in An Eco-Friendly Way One Stain At A Time~


I don’t know about you but my carpet takes a beating each and every day. With our family of four and a furry one as well there is always something being spilled on our carpet it seems and the biggest issue is keeping it looking fresh and clean.


Last week our dog had gotten on the table and grabbed a concentrated water flavoring (grape nonetheless) while we were gone and when we got back home there was a HUGE purple stain on our carpet that was saturated with grape concentrate. Needless to say the dog went outside for awhile and I was standing above this stain wondering what to do next.


I grabbed some paper towels and even though that worked with soaking up the excess liquid, I still had a huge purple area. We really like to clean our house with eco-friendly products and all natural ways instead of putting chemicals on our things and breathing those in. We ended up using baking soda a few times and got it out because it was a water based product and easier than I thought but I know that there is going to be a time where we can’t get a stain out.


I know that we are supposed to clean our carpets at least once a year and I know that we have a high foot traffic area that we need to consider hiring a professional and we will be hiring one that doesn’t use harsh chemicals.


How often do you have your carpets cleaned by a professional like Green Choice Carpet and is using an eco-friendly and safe product important to you? It is for me and I love that there are companies out there that believe in keeping it green!



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