3 Budget Friendly Tips

3 Budget Friendly Tips

The realities of the times we live in which we live are that even if you have a steady job, budgeting your money is still necessary to get by. Many people hate the word “budget.” Many more hate to try to make one, let alone attempt to live within it. Here are some tips on tightening your financial belt without hurting yourself in the process.

1. Prioritize your values. There are only so many toys we can play with, and so many consumer products we can’t live without. Learning to go without the latest version of something, or cooking a healthy, home-cooked meal instead of going out to dinner are relatively pain-free ways of cutting back. Get the whole family involved in meal preparation or plan a family game night to help make austerity a little more fun.

2. Find tools to help you plan. It’s one thing to say “I’m going to spend less here.” or “I’m going to cutback there.,” but a good budget needs a plan. There are plenty of free apps you can download to help you track your spending and re-prioritize your finances. Sometimes seeing your actual expenditures in black and white is an eye-opening experience.

3. Beware of overdoing it. Budgeting can be a little like dieting. If you constantly deprive yourself of food, you’re more likely to fall off of your diet and binge.The same can be said for money. If you deprive yourself financially to the point where you feel like your starving for enjoyment, you could be headed for a money binge. Make room in your budget for an occasional guilt-free splurge. Shop around for discounts on family amusements or dinner specials at a local restaurant. The money you save in other areas of your life can be pooled to reward yourself and your family with a relaxing weekend or a day at a local amusement park. Anything is possible, if you choose wisely and plan ahead.

Even the most carefully planned budget can be thrown out of whack by a financial emergency. Cars or homes require unexpected repairs, medical emergencies crop up, or a a surprise school expense can catch you off-guard. USA Cash Services is an example of a loan center that can help in when you’re in a cash crunch. Such lenders allow you to borrow against your next paycheck so you can get that car back on the road or fix that broken boiler.


  1. I agree we have to prioritize but sometimes that so hard especially if there is a sale. I love your comparison to dieting and having a buying binge. Fabulous post.

  2. carol marr says:

    I love how you put dieting and budgeting are alike I am working on them both right now

  3. heather rushworth says:

    loved the tips

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