The “To do list” in starting your own Seasonal Business

The “To do list” in starting your own Seasonal Business

Every year we have a holiday each month and with it comes tradition, fun, and laughter. When opening a seasonal shop, make sure you have one thing in the shop that works for each holiday, ‘Magical Love’. As long as each holiday is magical and full of love, your shop will do nicely.

The smells will bring the memories out for people and the multi-colored arrangements will trigger their childhood memories. As long as they can see their past, they will want to continue it for themselves and their children, or even their grandchildren.

Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes many fun evenings of bobbing for apples, and eating candy corn, or making popcorn balls. The end of the harvest season spurs on the fun of this holiday, and many pumpkins will rise to the occasion with new and inspiring faces on their surface.

Find at least five things that you can use for each holiday and it will spur on success for your shop.

Find the one thing that makes the holiday fun.

Decorate with children in mind. Meaning, some of the things should be set up to touch.

Make sure you have your credit card merchant account in place to accept credit cards/debit cards.

All holidays are fun. Have something people can try. Whether it’s food, or a product, or toy. The more they interact, the easier the sale.

Make sure you give them your card, ask for referrals and give them a discount for that.


There are so many things you can do in the marketing of a seasonal shop. But the utmost important thing, is to make certain that the customers coming and going from the shop, have a smile on their faces. Fun always equates to sales and return customers. If you have satisfied their three needs when they come into your shop, they will be back.

You gave them something great to see. You have wonderful things that remind them of their past, and you have things to try. With food, drink, etc., you have met their needs and they will return.

Keep your customer service top notch and make sure they were comfortable with the visit. Guaranteed they will return for other things or the next holiday that you decorate for. Keep things unique, traditional and don’t be shy about having your inventory online. No sense in cutting yourself off of the technology opportunities. Have your store online and set up for sales. It’s a lot of work, so don’t be shy about having someone take care of that for you.

A holiday store with a store front, as well as an online presence, is just what people are looking for. We all love to go shopping in one form or another. If we can’t get to the store front, it’s really nice to be able to find it online from the comfort of home.


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