How to Beautify Your Home Frugally

How to Beautify Your Home Frugally


These are the times when knowing how to be frugal is really valuable. People who know how to be organized and save are lucky, because they get to do many things in their lives for a lower price than others who always wonder how money slips through their fingers.

One of the things that’s really fun to do on a budget is – home decoration.
You’d be surprised how much you can change and freshen up your home with very
little. You just need to be organized, patient, creative and hard-working (and maybe a bit lucky at finding deals, sales and thrift shops!)

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3 Ideas to Get You Started

Let’s go over 3 simple tricks that will transform your home for the better. The biggest investment here will be for furniture (beds, recliner chairs, sofas), if you really need it, but there are ways to get around buying furniture and still have a “new” living room, for example.

1) Smart shopping – If you see that your furniture is old and ready for a makeover, don’t go to a furniture store and buy the first thing you like (for a lot of money). Wait for a sale, check out online stores and discounts, visit a few yard sales and ask around if someone is getting rid of their furniture. My sister got an amazing sofa set from Shop4furniture after her toddler ruined her old one, at half the price. So you just need to be on the lookout and you’ll find great deals!

You might think used items – are in worse shape than your old furniture, but you’d be surprised what goodies can be found in yard sales: beautiful recliner chairs, antique-looking chandeliers, vintage desks… Source

2) Go vintage – There are many easy-to-follow tutorials online on how to make your carpentry vintage. All you need is some paint, usually white and some other colour, that you can buy in a regular store, but in a special section for returned paint. You’ll get a brand new paint for a few pounds. You can also use this paint to freshen up your walls. My new found love is this shade, “Apron Strings”; I am learning how to use milk paint. It gives a beautiful distressed look. Source
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 3) Small can be big

If you can’t afford a new sofa, it’s enough to reupholster it or make brand new pillows using a wonderfully chic fabric to make it seem like your sofa is brand new. There are many “small” things around the house that you can make re-purposing your old stuff or using cheap trinkets. DIY lamps, mirrors, wall art, table cloth, etc. can make your home look stylish, different and very new. Even the smallest change, like moving furniture around or placing interesting plants next to your living room sofa can make a huge difference. So don’t blame
hard economic times for a plain-looking home. You can make it magical with very little resources.

Hello Heavenly Savings Readers! My name is Eva and I blog at Home Decor. It is indeed a pleasure to be sharing my insight with you all and I am thankful to Krista for having me :) 
Being a home decor/interior enthusiast, I love working on projects and find it exciting working in a budget; it makes my work all the more challenging and rewarding.So, all those on a budget, here is how to beautify your home frugally! Enjoy


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