Apps Can Be Fun & Educational At The Same Time!

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Apps Can Be Fun & Educational At The Same Time!

It’s now normal to be walking down the grocery aisle and see a toddler  strapped in the cart holding a phone or tablet of some sort, watching and playing little apps that are so mesmerizing that their mom’s can shop in peace!


But are these Apps that we download onto our devices really teaching our kids something? My answer is absolutely!  I am have jumped into this techy world mainly because my husband is a computer nerd and yes I am ok with that. Our kids were born with knowing how to download game apps. Ok not really but we do have a tablet for family use and there are so many apps on there that we play for different areas of learning and fun.

Apps for counting sheep (literally my son loves this one), Apps for taking care of a pony (that would be my daughter’s) and other apps such as keys of a piano and learning to play a little song. Yes, I am a believer in these apps and find them to be very educational as long as there is a balance between the “app” world and the “real” world – get outside and learn how to really take care of an animal…here’s a bag, here’s a scoop..the dog will thank you and no you don’t get paid in coins to gain experience.


What the app does do is takes you to another place and it can be so much fun to create your own city, or race track and test it out and level up and be educational when you don’t even know it is! Find something more in the game to quiz your kid on, what level were you? What level do you want to be? How many more levels will that be until you reach that goal? You can find teaching moments in just about any fun kid app. Get involved and play with them as well, they will love that.


There are so many places that Apps are great. Restaurants while you are waiting for your food so you can actually have a conversation with your husband without being interrupted constantly, doctors appointments , grocery shopping, and even for children in the hospital. You know exactly what you are downloading and what it is about instead of just letting your child head off to the internet!  Apps are a great part of this rising technology world, there is no limit and the apps keep getting better and better and our kids might even teach us a thing or two!

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