Manilla Keeps Your Household in order and it’s FREE!

In this day in age it is hard to keep everything in one place when it comes to my bills, household accounts, finances, utilities, subscriptions, travel rewards programs, etc.… Manilla is a new site that I was recently introduced to that will allow me to keep everything in one secure place! Manilla is automated and allows everything I need to be organized and kept in one easy access spot! You can also set up your Manilla account with text and/or e-mail reminders to pay your bills! Now that’s awesome! You will also receive unlimited storage of your account documents!

How do you know Manilla is for you? Most households have over 20 different household accounts, including credit cards, travel and hotel rewards, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, cable, phone, utility bills, etc…. Manilla will allow you to stay on top of everything you are trying to keep track of in one easy access place! Plus with Manilla you will not have to worry about different passwords for all your different accounts!

Manilla will let you know your current balances, previous payments, upcoming bills that are due, and stores it all in one secure place!



  1. Amy Register says:

    I am going to try this looks interesting and I am a mess when it comes to the organization of dates

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