An Organized & Easy To Use Spelling Program For All Ages!

** I was able to download Ultimate Spelling for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.


An Organized & Easy To Use Spelling Program For All Ages!



There is no doubt that spelling correctly is beneficial and having a program at home that is easily accessible is something that every child can gain education from. Spelling and increasing your OWN vocabulary is also an absolutely priceless tool you can give yourself! With the Ultimate Spelling software, you and your whole family can start  your very own lists of vocabulary words and play games with those words in it!


I homeschool my two kids and when I was given the Ultimate Spelling Software to review, I was beyond excited to try it! This has made my lesson planning so easy for spelling! This is actually beyond spelling and I will show you what I mean.




When you get your software you create a user and you can have multiple users so you will want to set those up as well so you can get each child or family member going with their own list.  You can make your own list or Ultimate Spelling has already constructed vocabulary lists for you ranging from from grades 1-10, lists preparing for major exams, words for life success, most common English words, lists for the GRE exam (PhD level words) and more! So you will want to make each user a list of their own to practice with.


There are flashcards and some very fun games. Here is a hangman type of game and both my kids love playing this one and actually I enjoy it as well but I also like the crossword game and the word search one. This is food for you brain and it’s awesome that we can be learning and expanding our vocabulary while have a lot of fun doing it!



Here is an example my son’s list that I can print out as well!


 I absolutely love how organized this software is. It’s already set up and ready to go, you just pick where your child is and let the learning begin! You can track and monitor their progress, add words etc.

Each of your words will show you a dictionary explanation as well as a button to push to hear how to pronounce it correctly and you can also click on links such as the Wikipedia link and it will take you to the meaning of your word. You can really dive into and research your word so this is MUCH more than sitting down and writing a spelling word out five times each.

Ultimate Spelling allows you to explore each word in depth and they make it entertaining to do so. My kids are 8 and 9 years old and they find this much more fun than just writing out their words over and over. They feel like they are in control of their words and get to chose which game they want to play and I can’t complain because it’s completely educational! Finally a way to make their spelling words stick!


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