~ Debt ~ What’s Yours Is Mine & Mine Is Yours ~

~ Debt ~ What’s Yours Is Mine

& Mine Is Yours ~


It’s one of those topics that starts off as a blame game and then the one finger pointing at “them” becomes more like the unsettling fact that we have the other fingers pointing at us. Ok fine, that is just how I feel, but I can’t be alone in that can I?!


There are so many things I wish I could have done better with my choices I made financially starting out in life. I honestly can’t even remember being taught the importance of money and how to save. I am not proud of that fact nor am I playing the blame game but as soon as I was out of my parents house I went wild. Too wild. I swear the credit card companies could smell my ignorance and stupidity and knew they would hit the jackpot with their 23% APR.


Now that I have had to learn the hard way, I am now trying to teach my young children the importance of finance. I don’t want them making the same mistakes I made as soon as I flew the coop.


Debt seems to be a normalcy for us, we hear about it all the time, we live with it daily. The United States is currently 16 Trillion dollars in debt. Let that soak in just a minute. Oh wait, I still can’t even wrap my head around all that. It’s honestly overwhelming and in the United States the average household debt is upwards to $54,000 in debt.


I of course am not surprised by all of this, especially after still having to pay student loans and thinking as soon as I end my student loan, it will be time for my own children to accrue theirs!


The economy is on the rise but barely.  It’s getting better so they say, but do we as American’s seem to become more confident hearing that and feeling a little extra wiggle room to just accrue more debt? It sure seems like a vicious cycle. It’s unreal to see just how much debt our country has accrued over the past years and to also see our country compared to other countries in the world. This National debt clock is very intriguing and makes me really want to buckle down more and more to actually keep on digging myself out of debt!




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