Home Crafting Ideas

Home Crafting Ideas

When you start thinking about decorating your home or making any repairs that you’ve been putting off for months, you start to wonder just how much it’s likely to cost. We’re all feeling the pinch since the economic downturn made us tighten our belts but some things we just have to spend the money on – our homes included.


Some renovations are particularly expensive, mainly because you have to get professionals in, such as having your chimney repainted or having gas fitted, while other tasks can be relatively inexpensive or done yourselves. A lot of the very best ideas come from the kind of crafts you can do by investing in a few materials and turning them into something really cool, like custom fabric window treatments that let you show your creative flair and passion for interior design.


Creating your own photo frames could be something the whole family can get involved in. One person could cut the wood to the right size for the frame, using glue or screws to fix the corners together, remembering to create a groove for the glass frame to sit. Then the rest of the family can decorate the frames with their favorite colors, shapes and designs, finally finishing with their choice of pictures, either reflecting the theme on the frame or working to a color scheme depending on how creative you are.


Another idea could be to turn your favorite pictures into cushions to sit on your sofa. There are a lot of iron-on crafting materials that will allow you to take your favorite image, print it out onto specialist paper and getting a responsible adult to iron it onto your choice of material. Then, wrap it around your cushion and voila, you have a truly unique piece accessory for your home, and the same concept could be adapted for pillows and bedding.


Have you ever thought about creating your own house number for the wall outside your home? There are a lot of house numbers that look quite cool but none are like doing it yourself using a mosaic. All you need is essentially a picture frame, so some wood and wood glue to create the framework; then some old or inexpensive plates that you can break into the shape of your number – ideally you would want different colors so the number stands out. On the framework, draw on the number so you can position the pieces in the right place. When you’re happy with how it looks, take the pieces off carefully, place some glue on the frame, (or template, whatever you’d prefer to call it), and leave it all to set and you’ll have a perfect mosaic house number.


  1. Todd Lovessweeps says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. I really like the idea for the house number.

  2. vickie couturier says:

    I help my grandsons make their mom an dad a Christmas gift every year an one of the things we make are the picture frame ideals

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