Style Definition: Make It, Wear It, Embrace It

Style Definition: Make It, Wear It, Embrace It

Fashion and confidence are closely linked areas that affect each other a great deal. Fashion is often used as a way of highlighting confidence, bravery which allows the experimentation with clothes, accessories and trends and masks personal inhibitions. Most people that are passionate about fashion are confident enough to make themselves stand out with the clothes that they wear and the overall look they favour. Fashion is a reflection of someone’s personality, whether they are edgy, dainty, feminine or relaxed. It is the perfect way to describe people as the person that they are.


Personal interpretation is never more prominent then it is within fashion. They styles that are worn and the trends that are followed are the choice of the person wearing them and they have to be the most suitable choices to showcase self-expression.


The idea of personality and interpretation can be taken much further than simply wearing other peoples designs. Designers offer mere suggestions at what and how things should be worn. Taking these ideas and concepts and exploring and developing them to suit a personality is what fashion is all about; the need and opportunity to be self-expressive. Arts, crafts and customisation are trends that will never and are applicable to every style imaginable. is one of many sources that offer the tools needed to allow for the development, exploration and creation of individual fashion.

Statement necklaces, for example, are the perfect trend to recreate in a personal way. Exploring the way in which these necklaces make a statement the elements that work the best and then work the best for each person is the key to the secret of making a personal statement with something that seems as simple as a necklace.


Experimentation is not something to be afraid of, nothing is permanent, and if the look doesn’t work then it can be started all over again. Finding an something which works, that remains in keeping with fashion suggestions whilst being designed for one person is not necessarily an easy task but is one that can be more than rewarding once it has been completed. The idea of ‘make it yourself’ is now a common form of expression and one that not only makes fashion affordable and accessible but is something that will allow every person to express what they believe fashion to be, what it means to them.


Fashion goes beyond being clothed head to toe in high end designer labels that cost a months wages. Fashion is all about personality and behaviour and to a certain extent, comfort. Whether it is physical or emotional, everyone needs to be comfortable within their own skin and fashion can either enhance this or destroy it which is why personal interpretation is essential to ensure, that all round fashion is something which is enjoyed.


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