Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD Review!


Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD Review!


I am constantly searching for ways to teach my children in a fun way. I feel they grasp things quicker when they are in a stress free environment and in good spirits. Homeschooling isn’t easy but if I can remember to keep things fun then they will work hard and do their part. We tend to listen to music a lot during the day especially in between math and language to help “readjust” our attitudes, including mine! Music has an amazing effect on people and it works for us!

Being that we listen to music and use it in our daily school day, I was excited to receive the Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD to review! This is the newest cd and it comes out today 8/27/13!



When you listen to this cd you feel as if you have a cheering squad behind you singing sweetly to your children about things that you have told them countless times but yet doesn’t seem to soak in. For example, there is a song that sings about when you are eating to use your napkin and not your mom. Now if you have ever been remotely close to a toddler, you are going to relate to this song! It’s so wonderful to have these songs playing because your kids are enjoying the tunes but they are educational at the same time, love it!


Gratitude is something we are working on with constantly with our kids and this cd will help immensely. For instance, there is a song about at the end of day when you say goodnight that there is one more thing you have to do and that is to be thankful. Thankful for the beautiful things around you like flowers and my daughter’s favorite part in this particular song was to even be thankful for her younger brother even if he seems insane. It just makes her giggle to here those words sung in a soft and sweet melody because apparently she can relate!


Gratitude Attitude has 15 songs total on the album and you will love the message in each and every one. Positive energy throughout the entire cd with humor looped in, especially about some peas which made my son laugh!


The sound quality of this cd is awesome. I am picky about the way cd’s sound in my car and the recording quality of this cd  is superb!  Gratitude Attitude is one of my daughter’s favorite cd’s and you can now have a copy for you and your family! This would also make a great gift as well!


You can purchase from their website Recess MusicAmazon and more such as ITunes!




  1. vickie couturier says:

    that is so relaxing to me listening to music between subjects great ideal

  2. Todd Lovessweeps says:

    Always looking for good music for my kids. May have to pick this up.

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