Jr. Space Explorer by Aeromax Review and #Giveaway Ends 7/25/13!


Jr. Space Explorer by Aeromax

What kid doesn’t dream of taking off in a rocket? I know that the word “rocket” is mentioned at least three times each week at my house. The kids are always trying to build a rocket so they can take off on an outer space adventure.

Recently I was sent a Jr. Space Explorer by Aeromax Toys for the purpose of this review. This Jr. Space Explorer was a hit as soon as it arrived. Not only were the kids excited to play with this but I was excited for them to have something to do! It can be hard coming up with ideas during summer vacation and I knew that this would be the perfect item for hours and hours of play time. With that being said the kids and I quickly blew it up so their space adventure play could begin.

As I was blowing up the Jr. Space Explorer I was blown away with the details of this Inflatable Space Shuttle. The Shuttle is equipped with the NASA logo, American Flag and even a dashboard that includes all kids of fun looking gadgets the kids can pretend to push and pull during their space journey.


The Jr. Space Explorer is made for ages 3+ and up to 90lbs. It is a toy with lots of options for play as it can be used in your home or in the pool. Now what child would not love to float around a pool on their very own space shuttle? What fun!

The Jr. Space Explorer will even take learning to a whole new level with the 2 QR codes that you can scan. The first code will show you real video footage of a shuttle launching, a view of the Earth from outer space as well as what a shuttle looks like as it lands. The second code will take you on a history lesson. You will learn about the first woman to fly in space and more!

Inflatable dimensions are: 42″ (107 cm) L x 38″ (97 cm) W x 22″ (56 cm) H.


I really loved this Inflatable Space Shuttle. But in my opinion it might be better equipped for the pool. The kids had a blast playing on the shuttle but I can honestly say that after only 24 hours of play the shuttle had a hole in it and could not be played with any longer. My husband is hopeful that he can patch it so I am hopeful that the kids will be able to play with this Jr. Space Explorer again soon.


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  1. Niecey D says:

    Most likely for home and probably to take to the lake

  2. We’d probably try it in the pool so it would last longer than yours did

  3. Dorothy Teel says:

    I believe our space shuttle would be for the wonders of our pool and exploring what is happening in the oceans of space in the pool…

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    It would be for my nephews pool at his Grandma’s home

  5. I think we would use it in the neighbors pool./

  6. It would be for my nephew to use in his aunt’s pool.

  7. would be for the home

  8. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Definitely the Pool for us!

  9. both

  10. Ellie W says:

    It would be for both.

  11. T.h.Ransom says:

    This would be for our home!

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