Sephora Sale! As Low As $1.00 PLUS 3 FREE Samples With Any Purchase!



If you are lucky enough to live right next to a Sephora then you are absolutely fortunate! But to the ones like myself that are not as fortunate to live near a Sephora or if you like to simply avoid crowds and shop online, then you need to head over to Sephora online now and check out their sales!


Sephora is offering 3 FREE samples with ANY purchase so now is the time to try out some products that you have been curious about but didn’t want to buy the whole product.


My daughter and I both love to try out new nail polish colors and so we thought we would search for some and we both really wanted to try some nail polish on sale for $1.00! You can’t beat that!


SO we picked out a color we both wanted to try and added three free samples and went to the checkout! So total for great quality nail polish and three samples I am paying a total of $7.53 because of shipping and that is a bargain to me!! I am hours away from a Sephora and sales like these make it so great for me to try out these samples to see if we like the product or not! Plus we can’t wait to paint our nails!




Head over  to Sephora today and find your own amazing Sephora Deal! There are SO many to choose from and the best part is figuring out what samples you want to try out!





  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I have bought Sephora make-up items, and they have great deals on so many items. I like that I can get eye shadow and nail polish in every color imaginable. I will have to take a look again to see the sales!

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