~First Posts on Some of the Web’s Biggest Sites ~ Thiswasfirst.com Review!



I have been able to review a pretty awesome website thiswasfirst.com and let me start out by saying that this is going to be more than entertaining for you, oh yes, this is going to teach you things that you are going to be glad you learned!


My husband happens to be a walking game show with all the stinkin answers it seems but I now have some ammo for him and cannot wait to start telling him all the fun facts I have learned about the first posts on some of the biggest websites ever!


My husband being a smarty pants is going to be impressed and my brownie points are on the rise with him once I tell him what I have learned. He is going to be shocked about things I have learned regarding some of his favorite websites!! But honestly the websites on thiswasfirst.com are so popular these days that you aren’t going to believe what the VERY first posts were all about!


For example one of my favorite all time websites to get a good deal on is Groupon as many of you also know I am sure, but I never thought about how it got started and who started it and what was the first item sold. What was it?? well you are going to have to check out this awesome site to find out! But I will tell you that the first Groupon only sold two vouchers! What a way to start out because now the things I try to get vouchers for sell out! Who knew?!


I find thiswasfirst.com to be very entertaining and can’t wait to show my friends and family all this fun information about some of their favoriate websites such as youtube, amazon, ebay and more!


Wouldn’t you like to know how some of YOUR favorite websites first started out?!


I will now and forever remember the very first posts of some of my favorite websites!


Thanks thiswasfirst.com!



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