Strolling Along Without Spending Tons of Money


Strolling Along Without Spending Tons of Money


As a mom of soon to be two little ones under the age of two, strollers have been and will continue to be a must in this household.


Strollers make it possible for families to enjoy going on walks, visiting parks, traveling and walking the mall. You want them to be versatile, light-weight, easy to get in and out of the car and, of course, not cost you an arm and a leg.


Here are some tips to save money on jogging strollers and other kids’ needs without spending a fortune:



1. Buy items only on sale – Babies grow quickly—very quickly. They grow out of clothes within a matter of months (or weeks!) and only use expensive items like car seats, strollers and cribs for a few years max. As much as you may want the latest, greatest and most adaptable jogging stroller for your little one, it’s probably not a necessity. There are plenty of new items being released each year, which forces stores to put last year’s model on clearance. Take advantage of this!


Tip: Remember, the item is for a baby. Babies make messes and will make a new item look used within a matter of weeks.


2. Shop at discount stores – When you find a stroller or carseat that you like, search the internet for the store that carries it for the cheapest price. This takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Walmart, for example, typically carries name-brand items for significantly less than a department store would.


Tip: While searching for the lowest prices, spend some time reading reviews. Strollers and car seats always lean more on the expensive side, so you make sure you’re getting a product you think you’ll really like before spending money on it.


3. Ask friends for used items – Sometimes, getting a used item is the way to go. No matter what, though, make sure the item is safe for your baby. Car seats have an expiration date—do not overlook these things. If you know the item is safe and in good condition, buying used or asking friends to give you what they’re no longer using can be a great way to save money.


4. Use coupons – Most manufacturers of baby products send out coupons regularly. Diapers, wipes and formula websites almost always feature coupons on a weekly basis. Take the time to search for these before heading to the store. When buying diapers on a monthly basis or more, savings from coupons really add up!


5. Only buy what you need – For new moms especially, this can be challenging. Remember that a baby’s most important needs are love from you, food, diapers and clothing. As nice as it would be to have a fancy swing, beautiful bouncer, modern high chair and the latest toys for your tot, it’s simply not necessary. Set a budget for your initial baby expenses and add items as you need them.


About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer in Glendale, AZ. She covers topics on jogging strollers, personal finance and travel.



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