MyPoints – Earn Rewards just for checking your e-mail!


Two Years Ago I was introduced to MyPoints thanks to my Grandma! I was talking to her about how amazing one of my earn points sites were and she said…”Well Krista, that is just like MyPoints. You can earn Great Rewards with MyPoints and you don’t have to do much to earn them.”

Of course after talking to her I had to sign up! Since then I have received 10,315 MyPoints! That is exciting because I have never done anything besides check my E-Mail! I get 5 Points per E-Mail and I know that I could also score Big Points for surveys if I took the time to do them! Other ways you can earn points is by shopping, printing coupons, or playing games!

MyPoints can be cashed in on Gift Cards, Clothing, Automotive, Jewelry, and More!

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