Mother India Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan Review!



Mother India

Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan


I find other cultures fascinating. I love learning about the ways of life in other countries. Recently I was able to review a copy of Mother India.

Mother India is an interesting movie that will really give you insight into the lives of orphans in India. I was amazed at just how many there were! These children are so young and they learn to live alone and take care of themselves.

Mother India

In this movie you will be taken on an adventure of the lives of these children. I can say that this movie will also make you feel very grateful for the things that you have. You will meet two boys who were around ages 4-5. Their parents asked them to go out and beg for money. The children were found by another orphan boy who took them to a home that would feed them. They then sent word to the parents of the boys to let them know where their children were…the parents never came and got them.

There are so many children who’s parents have died or who have left them. It really is heart breaking. But at the same time these beautiful children have learned how to survive in a world amongst other children just like them.

In this movie you will also meet David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha. They have decided to make a documentary about the life of these orphans in India. Not only are they there to film what life is like but they are going to live just as these orphans do in India. That includes sleeping in the dirt and really getting a feel for what life is like for this kiddo’s.

Mother India shows a culture much different from my own. It was wonderful to get a look into the life of these kids. The way that they pull together and help each other out is inspiring. This movie really touched my heart and left me wondering how I could make a difference. How inspiring!

On the Back

With over 31 million orphans in India, David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha showed up hoping to find kids who would be willing to trust them enough to show them life through their eyes. What they didn’t expect was to be warmly welcomed by a family of 25 children living along the railway.

Although telling the stories of the kids was their primary focus, David and Shawn were inspired to take action once they met two young siblings, Polayya and Koteswari. Having been forced to beg on behalf of their alcoholic parents, they escaped the abuse by boarding a train and eventually joining an unlikely ‘family’ of 25 other courageous kids. When presented with a second chance at life by a local children’s home (Harvest India), will the older kids let the two little ones say ‘yes’ to a fresh start?

**I was sent a copy of this title for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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