Surviving Infancy Review & Giveaway ~ Your Peace of Mind is Worth It! Ends 6/10/13!



Surviving Infancy Review & Giveaway!!


Have you ever heard your doctor mention something important that you told yourself you wouldn’t forget but later wished you could have just simply recorded their voice?! I sure have and I have to say after being sent the two disc dvd set of Surviving Infancy to review, I now have the answers at my fingertips within minutes and I can go over them as many times as I need to have the priceless peace of mind of the infant to toddler phase!  This is the best guide for parents, caregivers, friends and family of all infant to toddlers!


Let me start with telling you that this dvd makes is EXTREMELY clear that they are NOT replacing the advice and instruction of your child’s doctor – If at any time you have any question or concern about your child, their doctor is still the one to seek! This is in no way a substitute for your own child’s doctor!


Surviving infancy is a two disc dvd OR it also can be purchased as a live stream!! This informative dvd will shed light on some of the common everyday things as well as serious topics that we hope to never experience but should be aware of and that we as parents just simply need to know and remember about raising our baby. This dvd concentrates on infant up to 3 years old.


Dr. Diane Birnhaumer, MD, FACEP and Dr. Maureen McCollough, MD, MHP, FACEP will take you through this dvd and go over numerous topics that we as parents sometimes need some reminding about and some education on. They present 36 topics that you can either sit down and watch all of them at one time or you can chose a topic that interests you at that time and jump around from each of them. I found myself hitting the “Play All” option and watched each topic that way. Each topic they spoke about transitioned well into the next and I learned more than what I thought!


Some of the topics that they talk about are Safety such as bathing, car seat, sleeping & SIDS, pool safety and much more! I for one happen to really feel better having this in my own home so I can refer back to it from time to time. This is a dvd set you are going to want to have for yourself and also buy for the ones you know with children or that are around children! This is a gift that any new mom will thank you for – so much better than the 30th blanket they will receive or the crib bumper that you just don’t need to get because it’s a safety risk!!


My kids are out of the infant to age 3 stage and I still found this dvd to be crucial to watching because I am still around infants and toddlers and the topics of CPR, choking, head injuries, wounds & bleeding and inconsolable crying might in fact be useful to me. It’s always good to be educated and if you know of someone who has infants and toddlers you will be able to help out and even possibly save a life. Priceless!


Surviving Infancy is a dvd or live stream that is worth every penny! The two disc dvd is now only $19.95 with FREE shipping & handling and the streaming video version is only $14.95! Talk about the easiest way to have peace of mind and to give other’s peace of mind!! Head over to today!

How would you like to win Surviving Infancy either in live stream or DVD? I am happy to say that one lucky Heavenly Savings reader will be able to do just that! Good Luck to all!

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