Catch of the Day~ Recess Monkey ~ Deep Sea Diver Review!!

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Recess Monkey ~

Deep Sea Diver Review!!


I received a copy of Recess Monkey ~ Deep Sea Diver to review and we cannot stop listening to this cd!


You are going to want to Pre-Order this kindie rocker cd!! Deep Sea Diver releases June 18th!  I am telling you that you will not be disappointed in hooking onto this cd! Recess Monkey is an awesome band and their newest cd, Deep Sea Diver is absolutely amazing!


My kids are HUGE fans of these three elementary teachers in this Seattle based band. We listen to songs before bed and about every other night which includes kids music videos and both my son and daughter chose Recess Monkey to listen to which makes both my husband and I happy because we love their songs almost just as much as they do! Their videos are hilarious as well and they already have a new music video for one of the songs on this new album, Tambourine Submarine! Here is a glimpse of them listening to it!



My daughter’s favorite song on this cd happens to be Tambourine Submarine and my son’s favorite is Shrimp – a rap style song that talks about being the “small guy” and actually at the end being the tall one! Fish Sticks is another fun song that will be sure to make you want to get up and start moving around!


Recess Monkey ~ Deep Sea Diver has so many upbeat songs that it’s hard to chose just one favorite song. We have been listening to this cd in the car and yes I even car dance to some of these songs and as long as I have my sunglasses on, I am invisible! Or so my kids would like to think! This cd will be loved my kids of all ages and it would make such a great summer birthday gift!


With listening to Recess Monkey for a couple of years now, this cd by far has been the best – we of course have to listen to some of our all time favorites from the past albums but this cd has a different feel to it and it tends to go from song to song with a great flow and the recording of it is outstanding. This a very high quality and it will not disappoint! Head over to their website to pre-order one today!!




**I was sent a product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.






  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    First I’ve heard of this I was enjoying watching your clip with the kids dancing. Your son was really getting into it…haha…cute!

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