5 Way to get the Garden of Your Dreams on a Budget

5 Way to get the Garden of Your Dreams on a Budget

Everyone loves having a beautiful yard come spring, but it can seem overwhelming trying to fit in all these projects into a budget. The cost of the plants, seeds, tools, fertilizer and soil can really add up not to mention the additional cost of water to keep them alive. Don’t skip out on having the garden of your dreams, these tips can help you get what you want while saving money.

Shop Early or Late:

Just like clothes go on sale at the end or beginning of a season, so do plants. Herbs are a great item to purchase in the pre-season sales, for example basil is typically marked down come early March but it will require more maintenance to prevent freezing. In addition to these sales, many home and garden shops mark down plants as they go out of bloom, this can be a great way to get those more expensive flowers you might want without paying the high price. When you purchase these at the end of the season, be careful to only purchase perennials because they will survive the off-season. You won’t get to enjoy their beauty right when you buy them, but they will look great next bloom.


This can really sound like a lot of work, but once you start seeing the savings you won’t be sorry. Starting a compost pre-gardening season can save you money yearly on fertilizer. Not only can you use leftover food, you can also use leftover garden trimmings from early yard prepping. If you choose composting over purchased fertilizer, plan ahead because it will take about 5 weeks to see results. This organic solution is safe on all plants, vegetables, and flowers and won’t have any toxic effects on pets or family. Composting will leave less waste for your home and a great way to get rid of all those dead leaves and clippings that start piling up.

Choose Wisely:

While we all have plants or flowers that we absolutely love, sometimes these can be high maintenance and end up costing us money throughout the season. It is tempting to choose flowers based on aesthetic looks, but instead try looking for plants that can save you money in the future. Start by looking for plants that require less water, such as lavender. The amount of water required for taking care of your yard and garden is an often overlooked cost of maintaining vegetation. Also, keep in mind vegetables and herbs that your family uses the most. Splurge on these plants, because it can cut down on the cost of groceries in the long term. Herbs can be dried and used later in the year, providing yearlong savings.

Keep it Simple:

The 20-piece gardening tool kit might look inviting, but keep it simple when it comes to tools. Stick to the basics, a shovel, a hoe, and garden shears make a great start and can accomplish most of the work you will need to do. Check the local listings too, because often times a local super store will have coupons for these tools. Pay careful attention to the plants you use, staying away from plants that will grow six feet tall and require lots of trimming can save cost on additional tools.

Work Together:

A seed swap is a great way to add variety to your garden without adding cost. Bring the neighborhood or your friends and family together and share seed samples from your gardens. You can also look into buying in bulk and dividing the cost between several people. This is a great way to get to know everyone better, and share your gardening advice. Sharing seeds is one of the best ways to cut down on the cost of variety for your garden.

Achieving the garden of your dreams on a budget is possible. Shop smart, and plan ahead to make the most of your time and money. Life on a budget doesn’t have to mean a boring garden, utilize these tips to create variety and practicality while staying within your budget.

Mary Potter takes great pride in her flower garden, and is quick to share the tips and tricks she has learned over the years with anyone who will listen. She loves creating centerpieces for special occasions and has also been writing for The Flower Exchange, specializing in wedding flowers. In her spare time, Mary loves diving into a good book.


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