How to Have Your Dream Wedding Without a Nightmare Bill

How to Have Your Dream Wedding Without a Nightmare Bill

Enjoying a dream wedding is a process that takes planning, preparation and careful budgeting. Although the plans always include some budgeting, the only way to avoid a nightmare bill is by focusing on finding the best deals and prices available.

Compare Prices on a Ring

Although the engagement ring and wedding ring are an important symbol of the marriage, it is not necessary to pay a small fortune on the ring. By purchasing man made diamond engagement rings, the cost of the wedding will reduce. The man made diamond engagement rings are less pricy than real diamonds and will provide the same look for an engagement ring without the guilt. Shop around online retailers like and find the best deals available before making a final selection.

Limit the Party Favors

A dream wedding does not necessarily require a high bill in wedding favors. Limit the favors to small and low-cost items and only give the wedding party more than those basic favors. It will not only cut the cost, it will also reduce the risk of favors being left behind.

Stick to the Budget

Set a strict budget that outlines the amount of funds available for the venue, wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and other requirements and then stick to that amount. Do not spend more than the budget allows, even if it means cutting back on some of those extravagant extras. Setting a budget will not only make it easier to avoid a nightmare bill, it will ensure that the bride and groom have enough funds to enjoy a honeymoon.

Limit the Flowers

Flowers often make up a large portion of the expense, so it is best to limit the number of flowers by selecting decorations that do not include flowers. Instead of placing bouquets on all of the tables, focus on finding less expensive alternatives like votive candles or sea shells. The best way to find alternative decorations is by focusing on the theme of the wedding.

Cut Back on Guests

Although it is tempting to invite every friend, relative, co-worker and a wide range of others, it also adds up in additional costs. Cut back by setting a strict limit on the number of guests allowed. Invite only those who are close friends and relatives to keep the reception as small as possible.

A dream wedding does not necessarily mean it must cost an budget-busting fortune. Plan the wedding carefully so that enough funds are available and the cost does not get out of control.

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