It’s That Time Again! Are you ready to grow your Garden?


Now I know some of you may still be buried knee deep in snow and watching the icicles out your kitchen window and for that I am truly sorry about jumping the gun here on this post. Think of this as a way to help inspire ideas on how you are going to spend your time in the spring! But, for me here in sunny California, I can feel it, hear it and smell it, no not the traffic, I am talking about spring time!

Oh yes its arrival is headed here sooner than we think! I can hear the birds chirping and I can see blooms on the flowers are starting to attract the bees. Now is the time to start thinking my friend. What will you be doing to your garden this year?! Or will you be starting a new garden or simply be planting some flowers?! I don’t know about you but I always have huge ambitions for gardening every single year and I only end up accomplishing a few goals from my dream gardening list but hey, it’s better than not crossing off anything on my list!

There just isn’t anything like gardening and making your environment more peaceful and serene with amazing flowers, hedges, fountains, fish pond, lighting at night, hanging baskets, garden swing, a hammock, lemonade…wait…I think I need to slow down and go for one thing at a time and then possibly, I may be able to enjoy a lemonade resting on a hammock!

My point is, I have this idea of how I want to garden this spring and have made a list of things I want to get accomplished and with my new rubber boots, gloves, and tools I think I may just end up surprising myself and get more gardening done than I think. Start early on your gardening plans and you may just surprise yourself too!



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