scünci Ponytailer Bracelet Review!

scünci Ponytailer Bracelet Review!


My thoughts on the scünci Ponytailer Bracelet – One word…genius! I am sure most of us have had the thought of “why didn’t I come up with that?!” because it just makes sense. Well, now that the scünci Ponytailer Bracelet is out, you can just sit back and have a good feeling that at least someone thought of it and you get to enjoy it!


This scünci® Ponytailer Bracelet is so versatile and fashionable that one moment you can have your hair up in a ponytail and the next have a bracelet if you want to let down your hair. You can also sport a few different scünci® Ponytailer Bracelets and they look great stacked on your wrist!


My daughter tends to “borrow” my hair accessories more and more and this one is right up her alley since I have very short hair. She has the hair for it and loves to just keep a hair tie on her wrist just in case she wants to pull her hair back. These scünci® Ponytailer Bracelet’s look much better than just the band around her wrist. It gives it a jewelry look that you can mix and match with any outfit!


I love this concept because I don’t have to go searching all over my car and dig in my purse to find a hair tie for her anymore…it can be worn comfortably on her wrist. There is a knot that sticks out where the two pieces join together to form the ponytailer but you can easily slide that to hide under your wrist so the jewelry pieces of the ponytailer can be seen on top. The elastic that holds the hair is actually better quality than some of the plain hair ties out there. It doesn’t rip the hair and is soft but yet tight enough to hold any size ponytail.


My sister who works in a professional work environment has thoroughly enjoyed having one on her wrist and available for when she needs to get her hair up and out of her face while she is multi-tasking around the office or she can wear comfortably on her wrist during a staff meeting. Very professional looking and great for any age!




** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.


  1. Gail Williams says:

    What a nice idea for a grandma like me to give her 8 and 13 year old granddaughters. They come twice a week to my home and like to swim in my swimming pool, so they need their hair tied back…this is perfect for them!

  2. Julie Simpson says:

    I actually have a scrunchi on my wrist now my beautiful grandson has hair to his waist and I am always taking it down and braiding it and brushing it.he always holds it on his fat little wrist while watching max and ruby lol!

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