Mini Mouth Review!

Mini Mouth Review!


This Thinkfun Mini Mouth word game can be entertaining for the whole family! It actually is recommended for ages 8 and above but my son who is seven did great with it! Thinkfun has some amazing games and they didn’t disappoint with this one!


Mini Mouth can be a fast paced game or a “go at your own speed” type of game. It will challenge the younger players and keep the older ones thinking of new words to create with their tiles.


Who doesn’t love educational games that are actually quite fun to play?! Your kids will get a kick out of watching you create anywhere from 2-5 letter words as they are challenged to create their own.


The game starts out with having you turn all the green tiles upside down and each player choses tiles and the first to call out a word gets the tiles. Now, of course you can always make up many ways to play word games with these tiles but overall the game is a very creative and fast paced game.


Mini Mouth comes with 26 green letter tiles and this handy little gray cinch up bag for easy travel and quick clean up. The bag of tiles can be taken just about anywhere and I have to tell you, we love taking them to restaurants. My kids are getting to the point where the like a little variety instead of always coloring while they wait for their food, so these tiles are the perfect way to pass by the time sitting at a restaurant!


Mini Mouth is very affordable and makes for an excellent item in the upcoming Easter baskets; it’s right around the corner and very fun and educational!


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.


  1. This looks like a great game! Thanks for a review on it!! It’s always nice to know what someone thinks before buying!

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