*HOT HOT HOT* 6 Free Vistaprint products just $5.99 Shipped!! – New Offer

There has been a lot of questions about the 6 Free Vistaprint items recently so I thought I would do a post for you to break it all down. YES you CAN get ALL 6 Vistaprint items for FREE and NO you will not have to pay separate shipping on the order! I Scored ALL 6 items for just $5.99  shipped! That comes down to just $0.99 each! Nice!!

1. You will need to go through THIS LINK to find the 6 Free Products!

2. Choose a product to personalize and add it to your cart (make sure you do not add anything else besides the item you personalized)

3. After your item is added to the cart come back and click THIS LINK again to add the next item.

4. Keep coming back and clicking on THIS LINK until you have personalized and added all 6 items to your cart.

5. After you have added all 6 personalized items to your cart you can start the checkout process.

** Shipping is different for all areas.


Check out the great Vistaprint freebie’s I scored last time for just $8.49 Shipped!



  1. Christine Mayfield says:

    That is fantastic! Thank you so much for breaking it down for us =)

  2. Thanks for explaining. I was confused and you have cleared it up.

  3. The Photo Flip Books would be great for grandparents.

  4. We really like Vistaprint. We even ordered our wedding invitations from them a few years ago! I have gotten so many nice products from them.. both to keep myself and give as gifts! I make a custom calendar with pictures of my kids every Christmas for my mom and grandma. I’m excited to see these new free products!

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