The Character Box Review!

The Character Box Review!









My thoughts on The Character Box – When I first received this box I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pretty intrigued to say the least to see how my kids would react to this new “game” and the word amazed just doesn’t even begin to describe what our experiences have been when we play out of The Character Box!

Ok, so you get this wooden box and when you open it, inside are 12 different pins you can put onto your shirt and each pin has a different character trait on it such as fairness, integrity, respect etc. Intrigued would be how I was feeling at this point!

There is a card that explains the game and cards that have a little description of a situation on them and then a question about what you would do or how you would act with the character trait pin you are wearing. Let me tell you, this is where the magic begins on this game. Understanding each trait is the first thing that needs to be discussed which as a home schooling mom, I absolutely loved taking time to discuss each one!

After everyone is in the understanding of each trait you can then go through the cards and watch your children’s minds at work! For them to think and process each situation described on the card and how they would handle it given their character trait is amazing! Every parent should do this with their child and I guarantee each and every one that does that will be so proud of their child!

These situations may happened before in their life or they may not have but it gives them the opportunity to be prepared to handle them if the occasion arises such as being nice to another classmate that they see being bullied for example.

The Character Box will bring you together to discuss real life feelings and situations and I am a better teacher and mother to my kids for having played this game. I would have never thought about doing this before I got The Character Box!! What a unique game and a great gift!


** I was sent a  product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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