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Thomas & Friends is at it again! That is right…this time they are playing in one of my kids favorite places….in the mud! In Thomas & Friends Muddy Matters your kids will have a messy good time as they watch their favorite characters try to get out of their sticky situation.

On The Back

Through mud, garbage and muck, Thomas and his engine friends show that being Really Useful can be a dirty job! See James turn into the Really Muddy Engine and Thomas get showered with garbage. Watch Peter Sam make a big mess trying to keep things on track as Thomas creates chaos with the crows and much, much more. Join Thomas and the Steam Team as they make the best of the mess in these exciting muddy and mucky adventures!


Episodes include:

·                             “Muddy Matters”

·                             “Thomas and the Garbage Train”

·                             “Don’t Bother Victor”

·                             “Whiff’s Wish”

·                             “Thomas Toots the Crows”



·                             Go Go Thomas! Karaoke Music Video

·                             Guess Who? Puzzles

·                             Muddy Sheep Roundup Game


·                             Bonus Episode “Buzzy Bees”


Thomas the Tank Engine™ was created by a father for his son over 65 years ago and today is enjoyed by families in more than 185 territories and in 30 languages.  The #1 blue engine and his friends invite children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. Children embark on adventures with their engine friends while experiencing timeless life lessons of discovery, friendship and cooperation. 

For the 11th consecutive year, Thomas & Friends® was the number one license in the preschool toys category in the United States, according to The NPD Group, Inc.Thomas & Friends also holds the number one spot for overall top preschool property in the US, and it was a top 10 property in the entire toy industry for 2011.  The unrivaled popularity of the global brand continues with Thomas ranking as the top toy property in the UK for the past 12 years and also holds the number one preschool toy license in the UK, Germany and Australia. 


Title Copyright: © 2013 HIT Entertainment Limited. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Based on The Railway Series by The Reverend W Awdry.  Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Thomas & Friends are trademarks of Gullane (Thomas) Limited.  Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Design is Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. 

Type:  TV on DVD

Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Children/Family/Ages 2-5

Closed Captioned: English

Format: 4×3 Full Screen (1.33:1)

DVD Feature Running Time: 58 minutes

DVD Audio Status: English, Spanish and French 2.0 Dolby Digital


Twitter: @TrueBlueEngine

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  1. Taycie Schmidt says:


  2. Depends on the situation, but he loves it if we let him play!!

  3. In the mud. Thats why we moved out of the city and into the country so they could be kids 🙂 Thank you

  4. carol marr says:

    in the mud they got to be kids

  5. Colleen Maurina says:

    We live on 5 acres, so a little mud playing is inevitable!

  6. michelle warner says:

    oh yeah we lov e to get dirty, play is not fun unless we can make a mes

  7. Grace Dressler says:

    Of course! Its good for them to get carried away sometimes

  8. Andrea D. says:

    We let them play in the mud every once and a while when we have it around. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  9. Megan Parsons says:

    I try to keep them out of it, but kids will be kids. We live on 10 acres in the country so there is plenty of mud to be played in. As long as they have their play clothes & rain boots I don’t mind, but I hate when they get their good clothes dirty!

  10. Let them play. It washes off

  11. Most of the time they can play in it – depends on what else is planned for the day =)

  12. jessica hager says:

    I won’t let my daughter play in the mud, we don’t like germs.

  13. My 1 year old loves Thomas! He calls it “choo choo”. He gets so excited everytime it turns on!

  14. I let my kids put on their rain boots and get into any puddles/mud/etc that they like. They absolutely love it!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  15. Charissa Maye says:

    I let my grandson play in the mud.

  16. I don’t mind if they play in the mud, but they choose not to.

  17. in the mud

  18. I keep them away!

  19. Play in the mud!

  20. Some mud play is OK.

  21. Ebonie H.W. says:

    I’m not a fan of mud, so I try to keep my son out of it. But, he’s a kid, and he loves mud, so that’s not always easy!

  22. Bernice Mattila Garcia says:

    Controlled mud play, I love the use of sensory tables or bins – using different materials and objects. Children need this sensory exploration in play, in a table/bin it’s a lot easier to clean up! LOL

  23. yep let them be kids

  24. Jenny Stanek says:

    I definitely don’t let them 🙂

  25. Brie Padfield says:

    My husband will create mud for them to play in. It drives me crazy!

  26. Angela Hartness says:

    I usually do not let them play in the mud, but sometimes when I am not looking they will splash in a big puddle!

  27. I usually keep them away from mud.

  28. KATIE KLEIN says:

    Depends on what the days plans are but if it is just a day of being home and play then sure why not, that’s what baths are for!

  29. For sure keep them away!

  30. My son hates to get dirty, so no playing in the mud for him!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

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