Show Love and Affection – Pick Morning Glory Flower

Show Love and Affection – Pick Morning Glory Flower


Morning glory is a general name for not only one flower. It is the term used for more thane ten thousand species in the world. It has very pleasant fragrance and is considered as one of the best flowers to decorate your walls and fences with.

The name marks the time when the flowers of the plants are usually opened and this is the morning. The shape of the petals reminds saucer. They are usually purple or in the shades of this color. Other options for the flowers of the morning glory are red, white, blue and yellow.

The home of the morning glory is considered to be tropical America. It is also widely grown in Asia. Prior to be cultivated as decorative flowers the plant was very well known in China where it was mainly used for medicine purposes. The laxative properties of its seeds were very much valued in the country. After its wide use in China it was introduced in Japan as well. This happened about the 9th century. For a very long period it was amongst the most popular ornamental flowers in the country.

The American culture knew the morning glory as a flower which helped the rubber making due to the high quantity of sulfur in it.

In case you liked the flower so much that you would love to grow it in your garden there are few interesting facts you have to know about it. First you should pick a place in your garden that enjoys sun throughout all the day. Otherwise the morning glory will not be grown right or even will not grow at all. The seeds have to be softened before put in the soil. It is good idea then to put them in tepid water the night before putting them in the garden. For the day of the planting choose an hour with full sun as it was already mentioned how important is that for this flower. Be careful with the moisture and fertilizing. When they are too much the flower can be ruined. The depth of the holes for the seeds should not be more then one-two inches. Allow eight to ten inches between each seed. Do not relay on transplanting because morning glory does not survive this process.

Once you have successfully planted the flower and it starts growing nicely, there are few tips that will help you take good care of your plant. Be sure to supply the upcoming vine with very good support. Do not put too much water on it. As it was mentioned before morning glories enjoy sun consequently they would love drier soil. If planting has gone successfully once that means that you will have no future worries at all. The flower is excellent reseeder so it means that once it is has grown it needs no replanting.

Like many flowers on the planet morning glory has its place in the cuisine of several countries. Some of them are East and Southeast Asia where it is known as swamp cabbage or water spinach and is one of the most popular green vegetables. For several years the possession and growing of the seeds of this vegetable was illegal in the USA. However in 2005 the state of Texas acknowledged it as very good and was allowed to be grown for personal consumption only.

As for the meaning of the flower the morning glory is often connected with vain love and affection. It is also the flower which has to be gifted at eleventh wedding anniversary.

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