Try Progressive Snapshot and save money! – Review!

My Thoughts on Snapshot from Progressive


You might have seen the commercials for Progressive’s Snapshot. Some of you might have tried it and some of you might be wondering if it really works or is worth it. I can tell you that it is great and you really can save! Recently I was able to give Progressive’s Snapshot a try. It arrived in the mail within a few days after signing up. It was this little grey thing that inserted quickly and easily under my steering wheel in my car.

As I did the 30 Day Snapshot challenge I was able to log onto a Progressive Snapshot website and see my results. I was able to read about my driving and get tips on how to save more!

Every time I started my car I would hear the snapshot beep as it turned on. It would pay attention to my driving (silently) and later transmit the data on it’s own to Progressive. It really was that easy. I did not have to worry or think about it.

I can attest that Snapshot from Progressive really can save you money as long as you are a safe driver. Progressive says that the average Progressive customer who has tested out Snapshot can save up to $150 per year! How awesome!

Money is tight for everyone right now. Why not give it a try (for free) to help save your family money in the long run! It really is simple to use and can save you some extra cash!


** I was provided with a Snapshot thanks to Progressive. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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