Dino Dan : Twas A Dinosaur Review!

Dino Dan: Twas A Dinosaur


My thoughts on Dino Dan: Twas A Dinosaur – Well first off my son likes Dino Dan but not as much as my daughter! They will both sit down and it will captivate them for the entire show! I really love Dino Dan and how amazing this little boy’s imagination is! It really shows my kids that they also can have a limitless imagination! They love to see how Dino Dan will solve his mysteries each time.

Dan Henderson is the main character on Dino Dan and this great spin Twas a Dinosaur dvd is something your kids will love! Wait, I end up sitting down and watching this show with my kids as well and I enjoy it too! We do not have cable tv in our home so I love that we can have a dvd of this great show and can pop it in during quiet time. It’s a great show and in this dvd there are a lot of dinosaur spins on things such as the poem Twas a Night Before Christmas.

My kids love dinosaurs and watching Dan imagine the dinosaurs into his reality is really cool and observing what a paleontologist does can strike up so many amazing conversations with my kids. We end up trying to name the dinosaurs (which are harder than you think) and talking about their characteristics’. We have a big book of dinosaurs and my son will pull that out and start looking through it after just about every episode of Dino Dan.

This Christmas themed dvd is one that you won’t regret having. There are 5 episodes on this dvd and the running time is 60 minutes. There are 3 extra features as well on this dvd which is a great bonus. This DVD has an extra-special surprise in store for fans young and old. The DVD marks the premiere of an exciting new augmented reality app for Apple iOS devices, by which a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex comes vividly to life in 3D – complete with stomping and roaring sound effects.


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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