Swiggies Review!

Swiggies Review!

My thoughts on Swiggies – ok what are Swiggies you ask?! It’s a totally new concept at making sure you and your kids get your water in for the day, it’s a new concept at having a hands free way of exercising or playing and having your water RIGHT there for you! It’s a way to keep your body temperature down as well while outside!

Swiggies are a very fun and it’s such a creative way to get your kids to make sure they stay hydrated! It’s a great way for me to stay hydrated as well while still my hands free and not having to think about carrying a water bottle!

The possibilities are endless when it comes when you could use Swiggies! Have a play date at park? Going for a jog, a walk? Headed out to run errands and want your kids to stay hydrated and satisfied while they have a snack? Swiggies can simply be strapped on your wrist and you instantly have 8 oz. right there for you. It’s the most convenient way to keep from being thirsty!

Do you have a company/business/organization or school you want to promote? Well Swiggies has that opportunity for you! You can put your own logo on Swiggies and advertise away! It’s a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and give something that everyone can use!

Swiggies also has a way that you can sell your own! You can visit their website at www.swiggies.com  to find out more about it!

You can freeze Swiggies and attach them to your wrist to stay cool in the hot summer as well!

My son thought this idea was just amazing…he decided to put one on himself (which online it tells you how to put it on but he wanted it his way) and he ran up and down the stairs for what seemed like forever and when he reached the top, he would take a sip of water and when he reached the bottom, he would take a another sip! It is so much fun that it actually encouraged him to exercise! He gets plenty of exercise but this was just a boost and a positive way to keep going!


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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