Eukanuba Dog Food! No Fillers!

Recently I received a coupon to try Eukanuba for free. I was excited to see what Eukanuba had to offer. I immediately headed off to my local pet store to purchase my bag and see exactly what Eukanuba had to offer.
When I arrived to the Pet Store I was blown away by the price of Eukanuba. I mean it was some of the most expensive food I had ever seen for a dog.  I decided since it was free I would give it the benefit of the doubt. I also knew that if it really was as good as they said it was then I would fork out the cash to keep my dog healthy.

That night as I fed my dog her new Eukanuba food I realized that she would not even eat it. I was depressed by this and decided to give her time and see if she would become accustomed to her food. She eventually ate most of it but she is not happy about it.

Now it has been a week and she is eating her Eukanuba food. I purchased the Adult Weight Control and I do like that the Eukanuba contains no fillers. The downfall is the price but anything to keep my dog healthy is worth it to me! She is just now starting to get older and put on some weight so I want to try my hardest to keep her weight in check before it becomes a problem!

* I received a coupon to try Eukanuba thanks to Buzz Agent! All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others!

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