Dinosaur Train Pajamas and Slippers Review!

Dinosaur Train Pajamas and Slippers Review!

My thoughts on the Dinosaur Train pajamas and slippers – Once again, The Jim Henson Company does something so cool to expand the Dinosaur Train line. Not only is the PBS show absolutely amazing with its educational tone to it, but they also now have an adorable clothing line!

The Dinosaur Train Pajamas are from American Marketing Enterprises and these are just simply adorable! The 100% polyester allows for any child to be comfy while sleeping and also while playing around the house! This is a three piece set that is covered with the ever so famous Buddy and his family, Tiny, Shiny and Don! The shirt also has orange sleeves which match the ever so cute shorts but the shirt also goes great with the covered pattern of Dinosaur Train characters on the pants! These are really soft and of course machine washable and flame resistant. Put your little one in these pajamas and they may have dreams of being on one of the many adventures that Buddy and his family go on!

Wiesner Products Inc. has come out with these soft and sturdy slippers for your little ones feet! Slippers are just so fun for anyone in the family and to be able to incorporate a Dinosaur Train theme on them is ever better! I love the moccasin style slippers because they always tend to stay on my kids’ feet better than other styles. These little slippers have a picture of Buddy the T-Rex who is the main character to the show! These slippers have the little dots on the bottom for extra traction.
Both these pajamas and slippers will be a huge hit to any Dinosaur Train fan!
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** I was sent a product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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