Dinosaur Train: BIG BIG BIG Review!

Dinosaur Train: BIG BIG BIG Review!


My thoughts on Dinosaur Train: BIG BIG BIG DVD – Oh how Dinosaur Train does it again. This amazingly educational series on PBS has branched out to include a brand new dvd of all our favorite characters on the show!

I cannot talk highly enough about Dinosaur Train! I love this clean, appropriate show for my kids and I actually love to sit down with them and watch as well! I love how education it is and how quickly it can strike up conversations about science, history and more!

Dinosaur Train: BIG BIG BIG is a dvd that will take your child on an adventure to search for the big, bigger and biggest dinosaurs! Buddy, the main character on Dinosaur Train will hop onto the town’s train with his adopted Pteranodon Family and meet up with a huge long neck dinosaur which of course they tell you the exact names of each dinosaur and explain each dinosaurs distinct differences. They meet several different dinosaurs and the journey continues to search for the big, bigger and biggest!

At the end of each episode there is the coolest thing, a little lesson from the paleontologist Dr. Scott and he just reinforces the things they just learned about in the episode, sort of like a review and it’s a very unique and great way to add yet another educational lesson in! I know that if you search Dinosaur Train you will see a recommended age of 2-6 but I have to say that my kids are 7 and 9 and they still love watching Dinosaur Train! They adore each and every character but my son’s favorite is Buddy, and my daughter’s favorite character is Tiny, I find Mr. Conductor to be quite funny and entertaining.

Dinosaur Train: BIG BIG BIG is full of color, fun and adventure and this is one dvd that I am SO glad I own because we can watch it anytime!


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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