Knex MarioKart Wii Building Set Review!

Knex MarioKart Wii Review!


My thoughts on the Knex MarioKart Wii Building set – This set is awesome! I am so excited to tell you about this very unique gift! This is the Knex brand MarioKart Wii – Mario and Bowser Ice Race Building Set. There are several other building sets but this one has both Mario and Bowser included! Plus the little adorable penguin as an “obstacle” in the race!

This set comes with TWO motorized cars, one for Mario and one for Bowser. I know that my son would be able to describe to you in full detail all about Mario and Bowser and the whole Nintendo lot! He is a huge fan of Mario as well as Knex so the fact that they have combined the two is just simply outstanding!

This building set comes with all the pieces to build a race track as well as the cars and once you put some batteries in (4 triple A’s to be exact) then you are off to the race!! It is so fun to watch Mario and Bowser go around the track and the fact that you built the track makes it that more enjoyable!

This track actually can be connected with all of the other Knex MarioKart Wii Building sets which is a huge opportunity to create an entire Knex MarioKart Wii city!

This set recommends that it is for ages 6 and over and I can see why they would recommend that because there are some little pieces and you need a little patience with putting the track together. It really is a great bonding experience if you decide to roll up your sleeves and enjoy in the fun that Knex has created! I know that my nephew who is 4 with some assistance would thoroughly enjoy this set! But I also know that my son would have a hard time sharing this one! You just can’t go wrong with Knex and MarioKart Wii Building sets! My husband and I actually love our kids’ toys sometime I think even more than they do, this one is at the top of our favorites!


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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