A Holiday with Buddy! Review!

A Holiday with Buddy! Review!

My thoughts on Dinosaur Train, A Holiday with Buddy!

If you haven’t heard of Dinosaur Train, you should know that this goes beyond just a cartoon! The main character is Buddy who is a T-rex and was adopted by a Pteranodon family. From jungle to ocean, they are all connected by a train that will visit it all and you will learn a lot on the way! I love Dinosaur Train and have that secure feeling that it is something appropriate 100% for my children. Such a colorful, educational show that has now carried over into clothing, dvd’s, shoes, toys and also books!

Dinosaur Train, A Holiday with Buddy! Is a book that will have any child curious to know what the story is about! This 29 page book is about the family taking a trip at winter time. I homeschool my kids and I love books and any book that can strike up a conversation is great. The first page talks about no leaves on the trees. We had a little lesson about the seasons and why were there no leaves! The book takes you on an adventure for finding the right conifer tree for them for the holiday season!

There are bright and energetic characters including the ever so sweet Mr. Conductor who is in charge of taking the family to find the tree! They learn along the way that something as little as pinecone can grow into something so tall!

A Holiday with Buddy! talks about winter solstice and it is just seriously packed with opportunities to teach your kids about science and history combined!
This is a great book to sit down with your child and read or to gift to someone you know! The bonus about this book is that it comes with stickers in the back of all the characters that are in the book!


** I was sent a copy of this product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.

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