Andy Z’s The Grand Scream of Things Review!

My thoughts on Andy Z’s The Grand Scream of Things


This is a very unique twist to a musical play on cd. I haven’t ever heard of anything quite like this. A cd meant for ages 8-12 is such a rare gem to find. My kids are 7 & 8 and even though they still enjoy the music they have always listened to as toddlers, they are starting to really enjoy music and books for “bigger” kids as well. I am fortunate to be able to homeschool my kids and found this cd to be a great way to incorporate a little music for the day. There are many different styles of music being played in this story.

I set the kids up with some play dough at the table and put the cd on. To my surprise my kids hardly touched the play dough and within the first 10 minutes they were sitting on the floor listening to the story and using their imaginations as to what the characters looked like and playing it out in the minds.

Being a musical kept them engaged with the story line, it was so fun to watch them get up and dance, especially to their new favorite song “Punkin’ Patch”! In this audio musical you quickly get to know this boy Andy Z and follow along on his adventure and listen to the clues to find out who this magic wand belongs to. There are some fun and creative characters such as a talking dog in a fun accent. The Grand Scream of Things made the kids think about what really is important in life and on Halloween and if candy is the ultimate pleasure or if friendship is better.

Normally my son would have most likely jumped to the conclusion that candy is just so amazing and hard to beat but we recently moved to another state and he is missing his friends and he spoke back to the cd when they asked what is more important. He understood the moral of this story and that it isn’t all about just candy and that his friends will always be his friends but the candy just gets eaten, or in mommy’s case, goes straight to the thighs. 🙂

Notice the lack of focus with the play dough which normally he loves?! Also there is a quick clip of the kids hopping up and dancing to their favorite song on the cd “Punkin’ Patch”



**I was sent a copy of this album for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. 

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