Halloween Safety Reminders

Halloween Safety Reminders

Halloween is just around the corner and your kids are probably are begging you to take them shopping for a costume or at least to ‘hurry up’ and finish making theirs. But before you let your little trick-or-treaters go door to door, go over a these safety tips to ensure an enjoyable Halloween for everyone:

Neighborhoods: Stick to neighborhoods that are well lit and not as busy with cars. Instead of going to neighborhoods that are right off major highways and busy streets, opt for neighborhoods tucked back in the town. Gated communities are often the best bet for a safe and friendly neighborhood.

Small groups: Your child’s trick or treating group shouldn’t be too large or too small. You want enough people because there is safety in numbers but small enough for easy mobility and keeping tabs on each other. Suggest a group of 4-5 children.

Adult supervision: Adults should always supervise their child’s trick-or-treating outing but there comes a time when your little ghost or princess wants to go with friends. That is ultimately up to each parent but a common rule that some follow is, if you allow and give your child the responsibility to stay home alone, then they should be able to handle trick-or-treating. Just make sure there are check-ins and curfews.

Before dark: All trick or treating should be done about 45 minutes before the sun begins to set and end about an hour after dark. You can still get a lot of houses in this time period. Just have fun and hustle!

Avoid certain houses: Some people don’t celebrate Halloween or out of town, so avoid the homes that are without their lights on. Most Halloween house participants typically have their front door lights on and/or Halloween decorations with some sort of sign that candy is being passed out. When in doubt, don’t go.

Check candy bags: At the end of the night before the kids dive into their bags. Dump their loot on the kitchen table and just skim over candies that they may be allegoric too or have open wrappers. Only allow your child to consume store bought and packaged products, no homemade goods unless you know the person that made them well.

Halloween is a time to dress up, have fun and eat lots of candy! Make sure your child’s Halloween is all these things and more by following these safety tips. Look at your local neighborhood and schools for any further advice. Happy Halloween!

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