Fall Fashionista Giveaway – $398 COACH Handbag Giveaway!

Welcome to the semi-annual Fashionista Events, ALL FASHION, ONLY FASHION, Giveaway Event. This is the Largest Fashion giveaway event on the internet, with 115 blogs offering over $20,000 in prizes, hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS  with co-hosts The Socialites Closet  andModly Chic

Who’s ready for the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event? It is going to be AMAZING! Here at Heavenly Savings I have an amazing COACH HANDBAG to give away! This is a $389 value!!! Plus you will not only have a chance at winning my prize but a Grand Prize as well as the prizes from all of the other blogs! WaHoo!

The Grand Prize for the Event is a $1200 (retail) Louis Vuitton Red Leather epi speedy 25 via Bella Bag (bella bag price $795) WORLDWIDE!. For every giveaway in the FALL Fashionista Event that an entrant enters, they gain one entry toward the Louis Vuitton Bag.

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  1. keely hostetter says:

    Yes, but I don’t have one, my sister has many.

  2. Of course I love Coach!

  3. Love Coach 🙂

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I love Coach! My favorite handbag that I ever owned was a Coach

  5. Jennifer B says:

    Yes! I love Coach very much!

  6. Love Coach, great manufacturer of beautiful purses,

  7. Nikki Elkins says:

    love coach!!

  8. LOVE Coach!

  9. Tabitha Pyle says:

    yes,i do!

  10. I absolutely love Coach

  11. Donna Wilson says:

    I love coach!!

  12. yes, I love Coach

  13. Bethany C. says:

    Of course!

  14. Yes, so Much!

  15. colleen boudreau says:

    Yes I do!

  16. YES I LOVE coach!!!

  17. yes, love coach

  18. YES!!!

  19. Kaitlin M says:

    Yes, I love COACH bags

  20. I have never owned a Coach purse, so I don’t know if I love them!

  21. Serena Powell says:

    I’m not a big fan, but my sister loves Coach

  22. Audra Weathers says:

    I’ve actually never owned a Coach handbag, but that sure doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to!
    Love coach 🙂

  23. You know I LOVE Coach!

  24. I love Coach.

  25. I love Coach!

  26. I commented on the Lorax Sugar Cookie Bars recipe.

  27. Starr Greenwell says:

    I SO love Coach!!:)

  28. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Of course I love Coach. They make gorgeous bags that’s for sure. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  29. Cristina W. says:

    Yes, I love Coach

  30. Trasina McGahey says:

    Of course I love Coach!

  31. Trasina McGahey says:
  32. Marin Mandrick says:

    Of course!

  33. Laura Miller says:

    I LOVE Coach!!!

  34. I don’t have the money to buy anything Coach but I’d love this purse!

  35. courtney hennagir says:

    heck yes i do!

  36. I LOVE Coach – but i do own own ,,,,,, yet?

  37. Of course! 😉

  38. Margaret Smith says:

    Coach is my favorite, though I only have two small bags.
    Thanks so much.

  39. Huguette E. says:

    Love Coach! What is there not to love 🙂

  40. Cynthia C says:

    Yes, I love Coach. Who doesn’t?

  41. athena d. says:

    ive never had a coach bag but yes, I STILL LOVE IT : )

  42. EMMA L HORTON says:


  43. I love coach!

  44. I LOVE Coach!

  45. I love Coach!!!

  46. yes i love coach.

  47. juliette moire says:

    i’ve never had a coach bag but i would LOVE to!

  48. I super duper love Coach

  49. I love Coach bags

  50. Pauline M says:

    Definately love Coach! The style is classic and trendy!

  51. Yes! I own a clutch and a camera case from them.

  52. I commented on the Lemon-Orange Orange Roughy Fish Fillets recipe post.

  53. I do! I adore Coach!!!

  54. I just LOVE Coach 🙂

  55. Jenny Lloyd says:

    who doesn’t love coach?

  56. Stacey Roberson says:

    I absolutely LOVE Coach!

  57. Yes.. I love COACH

  58. gigi (gina p) says:

    Love Coach – love handbags!

  59. Yes I love coach!

  60. I do, especially their new Legacy line.

  61. YES!! I love Coach!

  62. elven johnson says:

    I love Coach!!

  63. Hannah Avery says:

    Yes, they have really pretty purses!

  64. love love love coach!

  65. lynn brannen says:

    coach is the best!

  66. Tari Lawson says:

    I like some of their stuff but not all.

  67. patricia skinner says:

    Oh Yes, I love Coach!

  68. Jennifer P says:

    YES I DO!

  69. who doesn’t love coach?

  70. I do ;).


  71. Absolutely, although I don’t own any coach bags

  72. Commented on Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective Movie Review! Post

  73. No, I ADORE IT!

  74. I don’t own any Coach, but I’d love to!

  75. I have never been a Coach fan but the ones I am seeing lately are changing my mind.

  76. Jennifer Reda says:

    i do love coach! all of my handbags are coach

  77. I’ve never owned anything from COACH. They items certainly look classy.

  78. Russell Moore says:

    Classy look, we really like Coach.

  79. melissa n says:

    yes i love coach, my hubby bought me one years ago, i still love that bag,

  80. Love Coach! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. LOVE Coach – drive almost 2 hours to shop there

  82. Yes, I love COACH!

  83. Yes!

  84. renee walters says:

    Yes, I love Coach!

  85. I love Coach bags…such great quality!

  86. g. penrod says:

    likly every one will say they do me i do not know never owned one an not sure i have ever seen one either but would love to own one

  87. Stephanie says:
  88. I don’t know I have never had a Coach handbag before. But I bet I will if I win that handbag!!!

  89. Of course I love coach!

  90. Chrystal D says:

    I LOVE COACH! I wish I could afford one!

  91. Charlotte Padgett says:

    I love Coach bags but have never been fortunate enough to have one myself.

  92. Tiffany Kinney says:

    I love Coach.

  93. Jessica Hahn says:

    I have never been able to afford a COACH so this would be amazing…i’m sure i will love it 🙂

  94. Of course.

  95. I do love COACH but I’ve never been able to afford it! Would love to have one.

  96. nicolthepickle says:

    Is this atrick question? Of course I do!

  97. Mary Casper says:

    yes I do love Coach

  98. Tara Liebing says:

    Of course I love Coach lol

  99. Of course I do! Doesn’t everyone?!

  100. Stephanie V. says:

    yes – LOVE coach!!

  101. Brenda Gaines says:

    yes i love coach

  102. Yes I do Love Coach!

  103. jessica edwards says:


  104. Julie Rupert says:

    Yes I love Coach!!

  105. I love Coach an Coach loves me

  106. lori betz says:


  107. Yes, this would be my first Coach bag.

  108. No, I don’t love Coach (kidding!).

  109. Christine says:

    Yes! I love Coach

  110. carol roberts says:

    yes love coach

  111. carol roberts says:

    yes love coach

  112. Anastasia says:

    I love coach…. from afar 🙂 Something I could never afford 🙂

  113. I’ve never owned anything Coach so I am not sure if I love it or not but I have heard some great things and there are some really nice handbags.

  114. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i do love coach

  115. Barbara R. says:

    I love…..love COACH.

  116. Cara James says:

    Yes, so much! I want a bag SO badly!

  117. Rhonda W G. says:

    Love Coach!!! Thanks for this chance…

  118. Michelle C says:

    Yes, I love Coach. Doesn’t everyone? Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  119. Georgette(Gigi) says:

    Who doesn’t? If they don’t, they should be smited! : )

  120. Kortney Picker says:

    I love coach and the more giveaways I enter and see all the CUTE bags the more I love them! (I try to shield my eyes usually so I don’t give in to temptation!)

  121. Theresa Jenkins says:


  122. Yes, I really love Coach!

  123. Yes, love Coach!

  124. YES i love Coach

  125. Rebecca Graham says:

    I do love Coach!

  126. Harmony B says:

    Who doesnt love Coach ?!

  127. Harmony B says:

    commented on Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective Movie Review!

  128. No, I don’t that’s why I joined the giveaway 😀

  129. Absolutely! Love Coach bags!

  130. Anna Patricia G. Ladiana says:

    I love COACH!

  131. Clarissa Valentine Gant says:

    Of course I ♥ Coach!

  132. Clarissa Valentine Gant says:

    I commented on the free kindle books post.

  133. YES, YES, YES!

  134. Yes!

  135. Linda Lansford says:

    I love COACH

  136. domestic diva says:

    I like the simple lines of their bags.

  137. Yes, I do.

  138. Melinda Dartmann says:

    droooooooolllllsssss….omg yes I love Coach!

  139. Melinda Dartmann says:

    commented on Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective Movie Review!

  140. Donna Marie says:

    Yes I love coach

  141. I do love Coach bags!

  142. defnitely like coach. 🙂

  143. never heard of coach before, but what i read and see, yes, i’m sure i will love it.

  144. Melissa JN says:

    I definitely love Coach! I still have my first Coach bag from when I was in high school back in 1984!

  145. I love a lot of Coach.

  146. Lorena Keech says:

    I love Coach

  147. christina barnes says:

    yes i love coach

  148. Rosemary Dawson says:

    Love Coach!

  149. Love coach!

  150. Yes, I do! I have 2 coach purses and 2 wristlets.

  151. Yes! I love it!

  152. Yes, I love Coach.

  153. i love coach!
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  154. Diane Baum says:

    I never had a Coach, but love their look

  155. Devona Fryer says:

    Absolutely in love with Coach! Hoping I win!

  156. jeanette sheets says:

    yes i absolutely adore coach

  157. Love Love Love Coach

  158. Michele L. says:

    my daughter and I BOTH love Coach

  159. Yes! I love Coach

  160. Of course!

  161. Cindi Decker says:

    Yes! I love Coach.

  162. Who doesn’t LOVE Coach?! This bag is absolutely gorgeous!!

  163. I love coach. Super awesome colors and fabric.

  164. Stephanie Larison says:

    Yes I do! I love the quality and styles!

  165. Yes I love Coach!

  166. Elizabeth says:

    Heck yeah I love Coach! 🙂

  167. Of course I love Coach

  168. I do love Coach – their purses never go out of style.

  169. I LOVE Coach…unfortunately, I can only “love” to window shop. lol

  170. L-O-V-E

  171. I love Coach!!

    alholm.co at gmail dot com

  172. Monique Rizzo says:

    Yes! beautiful stuff from Coach.
    Thanks for the chance.

  173. Pinky Sade says:

    Yes, I love Coach!

  174. I do love Coach – especially some of the gorgeous colors they use.

  175. I really really like Coach

  176. Yes I love their bags but, have never been able to afford one

  177. Great bag. Would love to own it!

  178. Of course! I love COACH so much!!!!!!!

  179. Why yes I love Coach!

  180. I absolutely love Coach. Thanks!

  181. I love Coach, I just wish it was not so expensive!

  182. Sania Akbar says:

    Yes i love Coach :)))

  183. Yes, I love Coach but have only been able to admire them from afar. I haven’t been able to afford the splurg. But, hey maybe I’ll win one! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  184. I commented on your 24 Free Kindle Books! post. Thanks!

  185. I’ve never owned anything by coach but this is really cute.

  186. Who doesn’t love Coach?!?!

  187. Without a doubt, I love Coach as well as my whole family.

  188. I buy at my daughter and daughter-in-law a Coach purse every year. I would love to win this for me.

  189. i do love coach but i have never owned one of their purses cause i simply cannot afford them so fingers are crossed!!

  190. I have loved COACH handbags from afar, but never owned one!

  191. Jessica Carnaggio says:

    Yes, I love Coach.

  192. furlong m says:

    I love coach very durable and trendy

  193. Jack Palmer says:

    Yes I do love Coach.

  194. Coach has beautiful bags, but I would never be able to afford one.

  195. kristy thiel says:

    love love love coach!

  196. whitney f says:

    i LOVE coach!!

  197. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    I do not have one but yes, I love Coach.

  198. krista grandstaff says:

    I love Coach…it always looks timeless, is durable…and classy 🙂 What isn’t to love?!

  199. celina kuemper says:

    LOVE Coach!! Went midnight one black friday to an outlet and waited 2 hours to get in….so worth it 🙂

  200. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love Coach

  201. Emily Adams says:


  202. Yes!

  203. Claudete Lariviere says:

    I absolutely love Coach..:-)

  204. YES! I LOVE Coach!

  205. Never had anything Coach before but would love to one day. I love Coach!!

  206. Christina Schmidt says:

    Of Course I Love coach

  207. I am excited to win this bag…

  208. Shannon V says:

    YES!!!! I love Coach!

  209. Janice Cooper says:

    Yes I love Coach. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  210. Lisa Brooks says:

    Love Coach. =) So much variety, you know there is always something new to fll in love with.

  211. nannypanpan says:
  212. Tara Brooks says:

    I love Coach! My favorite purse brand!

  213. bridget heiple reich says:

    yes i love coach!!!!!!!!

  214. I L-O-V-E Coach!

  215. Yes, love Coach!

  216. love coach, ty

  217. Christina says:

    I love the look and style of Coach, but I have never owned one of their bags

  218. ruth ramos says:

    i love coach, i have a coach wallet my daughter gave me as a gift .

  219. yes, i love it

  220. Cassandra Aubut says:

    Coach is my favorite- so sad I have never owned one!!

  221. Our oldest son gave me a my first designer; Coach, purse
    a few years ago!
    I have loved Coach, since then…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  222. LOVE Coach!

  223. YES, LOVE THEM!

  224. Jennifer Speed says:

    absolutely love COACH


  226. YES!!! I love Coach-my mom got me hooked! 🙂

  227. I do love Coach!

  228. I do love Coach! And I’d love to win this for my daughter for Christmas!

  229. I commented on Without Plastic Freezycup

  230. Absolutely!

  231. I love Coach

  232. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I love Coach!

  233. Ellen Levickis says:

    i like some items, not in like with others

  234. yes and due to resources i havent gotten a new one in 3 yrs

  235. Gail Willilams says:

    Affirmative, love coach.

  236. Brittney House says:

    absolutely! Thats my only splurge

  237. I’ve never owned a Coach bag so I guess I can’t say I love the brand. But I’d like to own one. Thanks.

  238. I really do! :o)

  239. Michele Baron says:

    Absolutely……I love Coach!

  240. YES! I love Coach.

  241. I love Coach!

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  242. Mary Dailey says:

    Yes, I love Coach, but I’ve never had one!

  243. That is the only bag I buy!

  244. Vickie Couturier says:

    yes,but never owned one

  245. Beth Hill says:

    I LOVE coach!

  246. Debra L. Guillen says:

    I’ve never had a COACH but would LOVE to win

  247. Yes i do!

  248. Dana Beeman says:

    I love Coach!
    Dana / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  249. Love the coach bags.

  250. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I am in love with Coach bags. Coach is definitely my favorite!

  251. Yes, I love coach!

  252. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  253. I have been in love with Coach for a long time now. I have never been able to own one yet though.

  254. brandy boone says:

    Well Heck Yeah! I love COACH!!

  255. Amanda Brown says:

    Of course!

  256. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I do love Coach but I’d like to win this for my daughter who loves Coach more than I do.

  257. Viv Sluys says:

    I love coach!

  258. love Coach! I don’t own any though 🙁

  259. Deb Dorrington says:

    Oh yes I love Coach Handbags and I hope to win this so much!!!

  260. Deb Dorrington says:

    I left a comment on your NatureBox Review posting.


  261. Crystal Warren says:

    I only have a couple of Coach purses but I love them both. The leather is of great quality and the styles are timeless and I’ll be able to carry them for a long time!

  262. Great Stocking Stuffer.

  263. YES! I do love Coach! Although I’ve only ever owned one Coach bag!

  264. Yes, I do love Coach

  265. I LOVE Coach!

  266. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I love Coach!

  267. Marie Gonzalez says:

    Of course I love Coach!

  268. yes, I do love! I do not have any but hoping to win this one.:-))

  269. michelle jonassen says:

    Yes, I love Coach!!!1 I don’t think my husband does though 🙂

  270. steve brown says:


  271. amy e craft says:

    Yes! My husband bought me my first coach bag for my birthday and I LOVE LOVE it!

  272. Rhonda Clemens says:

    I LOVE COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  273. Mary Cloud says:

    Yes = just wish it was more affordable

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  274. willis flanagan says:

    I sure love coach…

  275. eleanor q says:

    Love Coach! Their handbags and accessories are so fabulous!

  276. Jessica K says:

    I do love coach

  277. Richard Hicks says:

    I think Coach makes a very fashionable bag. YES!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  278. Richard Hicks says:

    left comment on nongiveaway post
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  279. wendy wallach says:

    heck yeah I love Coach!

  280. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    Yes, I do!

  281. yes, I love Coach

  282. I love love love Coach.

  283. wendi watson says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i love coach

  284. I absolutely love Coach!

  285. I love Coach! My husband bought me a pair of Coach shoes and they are so cute!

  286. I have always wanted a Coach bag!!

  287. Yes, I love Coach. Like many others, I can’t afford to buy one either 🙁

  288. I love COACH

  289. I do (love Coach).

  290. Lucy Schwartz says:

    Technically , one can not love an inanimate object. so I care deeply for the brand.

  291. Sure! As a gift for beautiful ladies!

  292. Lisa Garner says:

    I love Coach!

  293. Maegan Morin says:

    I cant say I know a woman who doesnt LOVE Coach!! I have always wanted a Coach purse!!!

  294. Shelly Macaluso says:

    I super duper love Coach!!


  295. I love Coach!!

  296. Crystal F says:

    I’ve never had one but I would love to. thank you!

  297. I do love COACH! I’ve never owned a Coach bag, but I hope to some day 🙂

  298. sara m ford says:

    yes!!!! always wanted one

  299. Coach is pretty awesome!

  300. dan rossa says:

    GF would love this!

  301. tracey byram says:

    I’ve never owned a Coach bag but have wanted one for years.

  302. I love Coach TOO much! I have way too many Coach bags.

  303. Tiffany Hearn says:

    Yes, I love Coach!

  304. Amy DeLong says:

    of course i do,just cant afford a whole lot of them

  305. Of course I love Coach!! Who doesn’t??

  306. Love to finally have a Coach purse!!

  307. Dawn Hazelwood says:

    I love Coach and I’ve always wanted one!

  308. Of course I do- doesn’t everyone?

  309. Yes, I love it!

  310. Maya TheBee says:

    I absolutely love COACH!!!

  311. More than you’ll ever know! 🙂

  312. Yes — I already have a black leather Coach purse. My brother has a Coach suitcase.

    I love the design/colors of your prize bag — hope I win.
    Thanks 🙂

  313. Ash Johnson says:

    I do love Coach!

  314. yes, I like Coach. My first designer bag was a coach bag which I still have after 12 years

  315. I really like my coach bag – holds up well to a lot of use.

  316. The make a such quality bag!

  317. Tara Woods says:

    I have never owned one, but I love the designs.

  318. I’ve never had anything by Coach so I can’t say that I love it but I’m sure I would. Seems like great quality and it’s a well known brand.

  319. Susan Smith says:

    I love Coach

  320. Yes, I love Coach because they always look nice and have high quality.

  321. Morgan Lepley Edger says:

    I love Coach so much! Great looking bags and accessories!

  322. Yes, everyone loves Coach!

  323. I love Coach. Don’t own one but it is on my wishlist. lol

  324. I do love Coach!

  325. I love Coach

  326. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I LOVE Coach more than any other brand!!!!

  327. Thomas Murphy says:

    I love coach

  328. Bridget Lavin Patterson says:

    Do I love COACH? YES, YES & YES

  329. heck yeah,

  330. i love Coach bag

  331. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    LOVE Coach…definitely – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  332. Michelle S says:

    I love Coach A LOT, but I wish I could afford it.

  333. Ha ha – of course I love coach!

  334. Megan Blumenthal says:

    I love coach very classy!

  335. Amanda Hoffman says:

    yes i love coach but never had the money to buy any

  336. stacey dempsey says:

    I love coach, I have never been lucky enough to own one of their bags but sure love them

  337. I do! The local Coach store saved the day for my wedding… hubs hadn’t gotten groomsmen gifts, and during a particularly stressful couple days, I found this out. I went in looking for a specific keychain, and when the girl there heard what I was going thru, she had them overnight what I needed where I needed it to go, giftwrapped, for no charge. Amazing!! 🙂

  338. Amy Peschel says:

    Yes, and so do my two daughters.

  339. kathy pease says:

    i love coach 🙂

  340. Yes, I do, but the Coach purses are over my budget. Every time we go out to eat with my niece, she places her Coach purse on the table. I admire it so! Maybe, if I were to be so lucky as to win this, I could set my Coach purse on the table next time. I hear they are so well made that they last forever. I’d never have to get another purse.

  341. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I lik most of their product line.

  342. golden storm says:

    yes i love coach but i want to win so i can give it to my mum for christmas

  343. Yes, I love Coach.

  344. Brandi Price says:


  345. Emily Roth says:

    Of course I do. I have 3

  346. Tabathia B says:

    I love the quality of the coach handbags

  347. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I love Coach!

  348. shanta spradlin says:

    I LOVE!!!!! COACH!!!!!

  349. OH yes, I love COACH!

  350. Maria Malaveci says:

    Yes of course I do, who doesn’t love COACH!

  351. jodi frasier says:

    I absolutely LOVE coach.. They have gorgeous purses and awesome style.

  352. Sure do!

  353. Yes, I love Coach!

  354. Yes, love coach

  355. I adore Coach!

  356. yes I love Coach

  357. yes

  358. Deanna G. says:

    I do love Coach!

  359. Terry Cross says:

    Never had one but I love them

  360. I love Coach, they have great bags!

  361. Yes!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  362. Yes i do!

  363. Vikki Billings says:

    I LOVE Coach so much!!!

  364. Beverly Metcalf says:

    Yes I love Coach and would love a Coach bag. Thanks.

  365. Nikki Lynn Hanna says:

    I adore coach!


  366. I do I do!

  367. Gretchen Gerth says:

    I love Coach, my daughter would kill for Coach

  368. Bonnie C. says:

    I ADORE Coach!!! 🙂 I just wish I had more $$$ to afford it. 🙂

  369. I have loved Coach since I was in 8th grade and I am now 38 years old.

  370. I *do* love Coach!

  371. tls simms says:

    yes..don’t have one yet..thanks, simmsmba@gmail.com

  372. Sure do! Although I’ve only admired them from a distance. 🙂

  373. Penny B W says:

    I do love Coach! I got my first one for Mother’s Day and now I’m hooked!

  374. I do love Coach!

  375. yes, I do

  376. tamatha hunter says:

    very muc

  377. spirit_kim says:

    Yes I do!

  378. yes I do I think they are so cute and I would love to actually own one

  379. heather c says:

    I do! I’m hooked!

  380. Kasee Johnson says:

    I don’t own COACH yet, but I’m sure I’ll love ’em once I do!

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