Life Without Plastic FreezyCup Review and Giveaway – Open to North American Residents!

**Giveaway Open to All North American Residents!!

My Thoughts on Life Without Plastic

We have all heard the stories about Plastic, BPA, and the effects it could have on our body. We have also heard the stories about what Plastic can do to the environment when thrown away and not recycled. With all that in mind do you think it is possible to cut plastic out of your life? Plastic is an everyday thing and most every day items are made with plastic. Life Without Plastic would like to help you make the change to a healthier lifestyle that will not only help you but the environment as well. Recently I was able to review Life Without Plastic’s FreezyCup! I love making Popsicle treats at home for the kids. I love knowing what is put into each popcicle and saving money by not having to purchase them at the store! The FreezyCup is easy to use and fits nicely into my freezers as I don’t have to worry about finding room for a whole tray that I am worried will tip over and spill all over inside the freezer. The FreezyCup makes just one perfect sized frozen treat. The mold is stainless steel and is CPSIA compliant. Each of them is also tested and is lead and PBA free! The molds are also 100% Recyclable and have a 1 year warranty! My FreezyCup arrived and contained reusable bamboo sticks as well as silicone gaskets to help make my frozen juice perfect! I also love that the Freezy Cup is dishwasher safe! You will have fun freezing your juice and/or yogurt in these great FreezyCups! Life Without Plastic sells lots of other great items as well! I love the look of their food storage containers as well as their wooden toys for kids! Other categories on their site include Bags, Child and Baby Products, Home and Body Care, Living Water, Tableware, Water Storage, Kitchen, Glassware and so many more! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would love to try freezing some greek yogurt in them!

  2. I would love to try some chocolate milk to freeze in it!

  3. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I would mix vanilla yogurt and orange juice and freeze it.

  4. Michelle Hofer says:

    I love making frozen treats for my little ones and would love to make yogurt fruit pops with this freezy cup.

  5. Maybe a lemon tea one

  6. would like to try some juices

  7. Cranberry Juice!

  8. I think I would put some chocolate milk in mine!

  9. Yes, I could really have fun with this! I love sweets!!

  10. Commented on piper line sales.

  11. Audra Weathers says:

    I have a new recipe for pomegranate and Greek yogurt pops. I actually tried finding some pop-molds last week and wound up empty handed because all I could find was plastic! Funny thing seeing your post. 🙂

  12. Popsicles with fruit in them

  13. domestic diva says:

    Watermelon! Yum!

  14. I’d like to try freezing smoothies like strawberry banana

  15. I’d freeze some yogurt for a healthy snack

  16. I’d try yogurt and fresh fruit!

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