Thinking of putting in a pond? Get your questions answered!


This year I have decided that it is time for me to focus more on the yard. For the past few years we have just made it a great place for the kids to play but now as they are getting older I am wanting to put in flower gardens and more items that will make my yard be a place that I want to hang out and enjoy the day.

One thing that I have been going back and forth about is a pond. I have always wanted a pond in my yard because I think it would be amazing to listen to the water in the evenings or watch the gold fish swim around in the early mornings. I think it would become my haven which is something I am in need of.

I have always been scared of putting in a pond because of fears that I have with the cold weather and mosquito’s but now that I am reading more about them I am learning there are some great ways to take care of those two issues.

If you are thinking about building a pond for your yard and need to learn more about it then I would checkout Bradshaws Direct. They have a great library on topics that will help answer all of the pond questions that you might have. I really enjoyed reading their sections on Building a Pond, Pond Fish, and Pond Plants! After you do your research then you can make your orders through Bradshaws Direct for everything you will need to build your pond!

Ever since I was a child water lilies have been my favorite flower. I love the colors and how they float upon the water so nicely. I never knew that I could have them in my own backyard but doing my pond research I found that even here in Colorado I can grow water lilies in my pond. That is so exciting!

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